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Love or Liability? Why Giving Your Man Money Could Be Financially Risky

Love or Liability? Why Giving Your Man Money Could Be Financially Risky

Love makes the world go round. Love is blind. Love makes life thrilling. Love does many things for many people. This same love also makes some lives difficult, and people depressed and lonely. What’s even worse is that this love that blooms during springtime becomes a barren winterland when finances are involved.

While numerous reports have it that it is men who often give women money in relationships and that some women simply play the dating game for financial reasons, there is a unicorn group of women who generously give the men they are in relationships with money- and it is large sums of money.

Because they are in love, brains check out of the relationship and they begin loaning their romantic partners money based on verbal and love promises that the money will be returned. Oftentimes, women ‘out-loan- themselves whereby they give everything they have to the guys, leaving little to nothing for themselves in hopes they will get the money back later.

But, is this love or liability?

While some men do return the money loaned to them by their, others bail or simply go mute on matters repaying this loan because “it was all pillow talk.” Men, then, become liabilities to such women; and here is why it is very risky to loan such kinds of men money:

  1. As mentioned earlier, many men fail to repay these loans because they are in relationships with these women. In the end, the women may have to end up depending on this man for financial upkeep while he continues to remain silent on not repaying the money. The relationship becomes imbalanced.
  2. By this man holding on to that money, a woman’s life begins becoming bitter because she has expectations of herself and her romantic partner. She ends up being resentful and disappointed, such that the relationship may end and not on amicable terms.
  3. What’s even worse is that even after breaking up, the woman will have to put up with knowing that the man developed himself with her money and she has nothing to show for herself despite having money ‘floating’ out there. You may have come across such women who have to start over from scratch when a man uses her money to build himself a house, buy vehicles, and invest as she watches him because he claims he will return her money but a clear timeline is never given for this to be done.
  4. The women who loan out all their money and leave little for themselves end up losing their independence. The freedom they had to solely make financial decisions and enjoy life’s experiences funded by money such as traveling stops being an option in her life. Her sense of self-worth ultimately becomes shallow.


At the end of the day, moneyed women become easy targets for love scams. They are approached by men who have the intention of taking their money and not entirely paying it back or partly paying it back because his ‘love contribution’ can compensate for part of the money given.

Love or Liability? Why Giving Your Man Money Could Be Financially Risky