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List of famous celebrities that serial sex offender John Matara targeted

List of famous celebrities that serial sex offender John Matara targeted

Following the pandemic, John Matara, a suspected serial sex offender, redirected his focus to social media, making efforts to engage with influencers such as Margaret Wanyama, recognized for her affiliation with DJ Mo.

Wanyama gained public attention in October 2020 when her association with the gospel DJ became apparent, and their private conversations were exposed on the internet.

In any case, DJ Mo and Wanyama both refuted any allegations of misconduct. Following the widespread media attention she received, it appeared that Matara also began following her on social media and privately messaging her, expressing a desire to meet.

Wanyama narrowly avoided Matara’s pursuit when he found out that Matara, who was identified as the primary suspect in the brutal murder of Starlet Wahu, was a Facebook friend. Without hesitation, Wanyama quickly blocked Matara.

In May 2023, he once again contacted Wanyama through a private message, requesting her WhatsApp contact to facilitate additional interaction with the intention of socializing.

Discussing the matter, Wanyama shared a screenshot of numerous unresponded messages, expressing relief at sidestepping potential harm.

Wanyama said, “Imagine he even chatted me. Good thing I ignored his messages.” She added, “I did not even know this guy follows me. [I’m ] blocking him.”

Wanyama was not the only influencer Matara reached out to. Using the street moniker “Rebelius Monk,” he made unsuccessful attempts to engage with other popular influencers on Instagram.

His Instagram posts, without any accompanying captions, surfaced on November 9, 2021. Following that, on March 26, 2022, he uploaded two more pictures, all showcasing him with lengthy, voluminous hair, with one of them displaying him wearing a black cotton headwrap fashioned into a high bun.

Matara’s Instagram profile has a modest following of 50 users, and she, in turn, follows 18 individuals. Notably, among those she follows, 9 are well-known female celebrities.

Prominent individuals in his Instagram lineup comprised global figures such as Kourtney Kardashian Barker and Taylor Swift.

Berhane Lucia Natalina is one of the influencers he decided to keep up with. Despite keeping her personal life private, there is limited information available about her. Berhane works as a marketer, content creator, and specializes in beauty and skincare, operating out of Kenya.


He also admired Teacher Wanjiku, whose actual name was Carolyne Wanjiku Tharau. Teacher Wanjiku, a comedian, actress, and producer from Kenya, holds the role of founder and CEO at Mwalimu Production. This company focuses on creating animated content tailored for children.

Matara was also keeping up with Betty Kyallo, known for her roles as a reality TV star, media personality, and entrepreneur. Additionally, Julie Gichuru, a former media personality turned entrepreneur, was among the individuals he followed.

Matara decided to follow Janet Mbugua, the creator of Inua Dada, along with two artists, Avril and Diana B, on social media.

In spite of Matara’s sinister schemes, his Instagram account struggled to attract attention. His efforts on social media proved unproductive, prompting him to resort to dating platforms in pursuit of his elaborate designs.

On the Tagged dating platform, he is said to have enticed women by pledging lavish outings and consistently providing them with financial support.

Up to this point, three women have accused him of enticing them into AirBnB meetings and committing assaults. Matara initiated contact with the victims through platforms such as Tagged.

Tagged, a social networking platform introduced in 2004, recently revised its Terms of Service on December 8, 2023. The update explicitly notifies users that the platform does not perform criminal background checks and encourages them to exercise caution when engaging with others.

Matara is presently the primary individual under suspicion in the heinous killing of socialite Starlet Wahu, and law enforcement is actively recording the progressing inquiry into the accusations against him.

List of famous celebrities that serial sex offender John Matara targeted