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List of Budget Proposals Flagged by Azimio la Umoja

List of Budget Proposals Flagged by Azimio la Umoja

Azimio la Umoja criticized President William Ruto’s administration, alleging that it proposed an excessively high budget for the 2024/25 fiscal year.

Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka, in a statement, highlighted three specific proposals in the budget allocation that were particularly problematic.

The leaders pointed out an inappropriate allocation of Ksh 26 billion by the Treasury, claiming it was disguised as development funds.

Kalonzo Musyoka, accompanied by other Azimio la Umoja co-principals, stated, “We underscore the following misplaced allocations: first, the National Treasury has an extra Ksh 26 billion labeled as development; second, the State Department for Devolution has an additional Ksh 2.6 billion for development expenditure; third, the State Department of Housing has been granted an extra Ksh 72 billion, which surpasses the combined allocation for 10 counties.”

Kalonzo urged Kenyans and stakeholders to unite in rejecting the Kenya Kwanza regime’s ambitious budget proposal.

“Considering these severe violations, we as a coalition call upon the international community, civil society organizations, and concerned citizens both domestically and internationally to join forces in denouncing the Kenya Kwanza regime’s blatant neglect of public welfare,” the statement read.

According to Azimio, Ksh 1 trillion was earmarked as budgeted corruption for the upcoming financial year, while Kenyans continue to grapple with poverty.

The opposition was reacting to a budget proposal presented by Treasury Cabinet Secretary Professor Njuguna Ndung’u in the National Assembly.

The unprecedented budget proposal of Ksh 4 trillion aimed to allocate various amounts to drive the country towards economic recovery.


In the energy sector, for example, the Treasury proposed Ksh 27 billion to enhance the national electricity grid.

Additionally, Ksh 14 billion was allocated for projects harnessing geothermal energy potential in Ol Karia, and Ksh 920 million for nuclear power initiatives.

The Treasury suggested Ksh 656.6 billion for the government’s investment in education.

In a significant increase from the previous year’s budget, Ksh 358.2 billion is allocated to the Teachers Service Commission.

To support free education, the Treasury proposed Ksh 9.1 billion, and Ksh 61.9 billion for free day secondary education.

A Ksh 5 billion waiver on exam fees, Ksh 30.7 billion for junior secondary school (JSS) capitation, and Ksh 13.4 billion to convert 46,000 JSS interns into permanent and pensionable employees were also proposed.

The budget included Ksh 142.3 billion for basic education, Ksh 128 billion for higher education and research, and Ksh 30.7 billion for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVETs).

List of Budget Proposals Flagged by Azimio la Umoja