HomeNewsLeft as a 3-Year-Old, Kenyan Rises to Top Military Job in US

Left as a 3-Year-Old, Kenyan Rises to Top Military Job in US

Left as a 3-Year-Old, Kenyan Rises to Top Military Job in US

On Monday, February 26, the United States military shared on its website the inspiring story of a Kenyan soldier stationed at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, highlighting his remarkable journey of overcoming life challenges to achieve a distinguished position within the military ranks.

Senior Airman Larry Okero of the US Air Force, born in Kenya, was separated from his mother at the age of three when she decided to seek better opportunities in the United States.

During his early years, he endured 14 years of relocating from one residence to another, sustaining himself with only the necessities.

Describing the challenges he faced following his interview for the profile, Okero conveyed that despite his mother regularly sending financial support, most of it was misused by relatives entrusted with his upbringing.

Later on, he achieved a semblance of a regular life when one of his uncles chose to enroll him in a boarding primary school.

The soldier recalls with affection his uncle’s comment, noting that entering a boarding school marked a significant moment in his life.

“Boarding school was really good for me because I was away from all my family, and all of the drama,” the airman recalled in the interview.


The beginning wasn’t entirely smooth, as he initially faced challenges adapting to a structured environment. However, in a brief span, he overcame the difficulties and began focusing on his education.

At just under 18 years old, he was fortunate to receive an opportunity to travel to the United States, where he could be reunited with his mother and pursue a high school education.

Once more, the young boy found himself compelled to adapt to an entirely unfamiliar setting, and the language barrier only intensified the difficulties he faced in assimilating.

Upon completing high school, he joined the army to specialize in military cyber-security. However, he faced challenges in pursuing this field due to English not being his primary language.

“During my initial tech school challenges, tackling the required test was tough,” he explained noting that the lessons were offered in English.

Later on, he became involved in religious matters, excelling in that domain and ultimately achieving his current designation as U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Larry Okero of the 633d Air Base Wing.

Left as a 3-Year-Old, Kenyan Rises to Top Military Job in US