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HomeNewsKirinyaga Killer Brew: Businesswoman Arrested, Ksh.800K Seized

Kirinyaga Killer Brew: Businesswoman Arrested, Ksh.800K Seized

Kirinyaga Killer Brew: Businesswoman Arrested, Ksh.800K Seized

A suspected illicit liquor brewer has been arrested after a raid at her home in the Ngorongoro area of Kutus in Kirinyaga county.

Police officers familiar with the situation discovered a manhole, which is thought to be part of a location where illegal brewing occurs, as well as items believed to have aided in the production of illicit alcohol.

In the raid, 800,000 shillings in cash were also seized, and the Kiriyaga county commissioner stated that 35 other people had been arrested in connection with the sale of alcohol while a ban was in effect.

“We have arrested many, and even as we speak, someone has been arrested in this town,” County Commissioner Hussein Allason stated.

The new county commissioner, who had previously chaired a county security meeting, stated that they will continue to crack down on unlicensed brewers suspected of operating from private residences.

“We are also targeting illegal manufacturers, and we have been informed that those who engage in illegal manufacturing will be prosecuted; we have already arrested many of them.”

The commissioner stated that on Tuesday, he and the county government would begin a new evaluation and licensing process.

“We are working together to re-evaluate and re-assess all licenses and start over so that those conducting legitimate business are not harmed.” He added.

In the new licensing process, civil servants in the alcohol business will be dealt a blow because they will lose their licenses permanently.

“We have already identified and have civil servants and all employees of the officers and those who own bars we have discussed that the licenses of all those officers have been revoked and will not be issued with licences,”


Despite this, pub owners in Kirinyaga County are calling for a review of the blanket ban on the sale of alcohol, citing financial losses.

“Mimi ni mwenye kiti , wamiliki wa vilabu, kirinyaga: zile biashara tunafanya na loans, na loan haingioji na alisema ati anafunga till futher notice kama ni verification ifanywe kama tunaendelea na natka kumwambia kuwa panya akiingia kwa nyumba hubomoi nyumba,” Bernard Waweru, chairman of the Kirinyaga bar association said.

A bar owner, Faith Irungu appealed to the governor to lift the ban, saying the closure was affecting their livelihood.

“We request both the county and national government to consider that we are genuine business owners and we have families.” Faith Irungu told Gossipa2z.

“Tunakuomba tu ann wewe ni mama wetu tufungulie tu ndio tuweze kusomesha watoto wetu.”

The traders agreed to assist the government in the fight against illegal and poisonous drinks, such as the one that claimed the lives of 20 people in Kirinyaga County.

“Sisi hakuna mahali tunaunga mkono watu wanauza pombe mbaya na hata kama association tumekataa pombe mbaya na kama iko tutaungana na serikali kufungana nayo,” Waweru said.

Kirinyaga Killer Brew: Businesswoman Arrested, Ksh.800K Seized