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HomePOLITICSKimani Ichung'wah Heckled, Speech Cut Short as Kiambu Residents Defend Uhuru(Video)

Kimani Ichung’wah Heckled, Speech Cut Short as Kiambu Residents Defend Uhuru(Video)

Kimani Ichung’wah Heckled, Speech Cut Short as Kiambu Residents Defend Uhuru

Kikuyu Member of Parliament, Kimani Ichung’wah, had to end his speech prematurely during his address to residents of Limuru on Friday.

During the commencement of two market construction projects, the Member of Parliament faced interruptions from residents as soon as he started expressing disapproval of former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Ichung’wah was accusing Uhuru and his family of purportedly offering bribes to Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) to criticize him at public gatherings.

The Majority Leader of the National Assembly alleged that Uhuru collaborated with Governor Kimani Wamatangi and Githunguri MP Gathoni Wamuchomba to impede progress in Kiambu.

“I have told you that Kiambu will develop at the pace the people want, not the one Uhuru and Governor Kimani Wamatangi want,” Ichung’wah remarked.

However, many residents were displeased by these comments, with a majority of them urging the Majority Leader to cease his criticism and refrain from attributing all his difficulties to Uhuru.

The locals further asked him to stop blaming Uhuru for the Kenya Kwanza government’s shortcomings. The residents questioned, “What do you have against Uhuru?”

Furthermore, the locals noted that the Member of Parliament was one of the prominent figures consistently criticizing Uhuru without any apparent justification following his retirement.

A few locals expressed the view that Ichung’wah was employing campaigning strategies to shield the present government and shift responsibility for Kenya Kwanza’s failures to Uhuru’s administration.

Ichung’wah has consistently supported the Kenya Kwanza administration and has publicly held the government responsible for the economic challenges facing the nation. Additionally, he has alleged that President Uhuru is behind efforts to undermine the development initiatives of Deputy President Ruto.


His efforts to pacify the crowd proved ineffective, as the residents accused him of being deceitful.

During his speech to the constituents, Ichung’wah’s microphone was allegedly deactivated, allowing the residents an opportunity to direct insults toward him.

The citizens began loudly repeating the name of Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamantangi, a figure whom Ichung’wah has publicly criticized. Concurrently, voices from the crowd could be discerned requesting poultry, one of Wamantangi’s prominent initiatives aimed at uplifting his constituents.

However, Ichung’wah tried to play down the situation.

“Do you want free healthcare or the chick?”

The residents unanimously answered they wanted the chicks.

In his remarks on Saturday, Ichung’wah denied allegations suggesting his interest in the Kiambu Governor position and any conflict with Wamatangi.

He additionally took advantage of the moment to urge Wamatangi to cease employing intermediaries in their conflict and instead concentrate on fulfilling commitments made to the people of Kiambu.

“There is no day that I will answer those leaders that have been sent by the governor. If he wants to come and face me, let him come alone. I am not interested in that seat today or tomorrow,” he stated.

Ichung’wah wasn’t the sole target of the crowd’s heckling; Kiambu Senator Karungo wa Thang’wa was also criticized for allegedly failing to address the needs of the residents since his election.

Kimani Ichung’wah Heckled, Speech Cut Short as Kiambu Residents Defend Uhuru