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HomeNewsKenyatta Relatives Seek Justice Over Grabbed Eastleigh Land

Kenyatta Relatives Seek Justice Over Grabbed Eastleigh Land

Kenyatta Relatives Seek Justice Over Grabbed Eastleigh Land

A family associated with former President Uhuru Kenyatta has expressed concern about the purported seizure of their property in Eastleigh, Nairobi County. This has prompted them to seek assistance and fairness in resolving the matter.

As per the distressed family, the contested property located in Eastleigh was taken over by unknown developers shortly after President Kenyatta’s retirement in 2022. The developers have allegedly enclosed the land with a fence, blocking the family’s rightful access to it.

Expressing their distress, one family member lamented, “When our father was alive, we were being compensated for our land. That building erected there, who are they paying?”

Kamu Muigai, who is related to the ex-president, disclosed that when construction began, the family approached the developers, but they were met with refusal and defiance.

The developers allegedly advised them to pursue legal action through the judicial system.

Seeking restitution, the impacted family has reached out to Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and Land Cabinet Secretary Alice Wahome, urging their assistance in facilitating the retrieval of their belongings.

This conflict represents a larger problem underscored by a January 2023 report from the Kenya Land Alliance. The report revealed concerning figures, showing that more than 200,000 land titles have been acquired through unlawful land seizures since the nation gained independence.

The Kenya Land Alliance underscored the seriousness of the issue, referring to statistics provided by the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA), which assesses the extent of land-grabbing occurrences.


The organization expressed strong opposition to the increasing occurrence of land-grabbing incidents, cautioning that such actions pose a threat to the stability of land ownership throughout the country.

Highlighting the challenges faced by the Kenyatta family, this recent occurrence emphasizes the immediate necessity for strong actions to resolve land conflicts and protect the rights of legitimate landholders.

Amid the intensifying crisis, officials are being encouraged to take firm measures to address the conflict and ensure that those who unlawfully seized land are held responsible.

The endeavor to ensure justice for the Kenyatta family represents a pivotal assessment of Kenya’s dedication to safeguarding property rights and tackling unlawful land acquisition.

As the family persists in seeking solutions through formal avenues, their situation stands as a clear indication of the widespread obstacles surrounding land ownership and tenure in the nation.

With the nation’s attention focused on this evolving narrative, the outcome of this conflict will have profound repercussions for the wider battle against land appropriation and the safeguarding of property rights in Kenya.

Kenyatta Relatives Seek Justice Over Grabbed Eastleigh Land