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HomeNewsKenyan Missionary Found Dead And Hanging On Tree In Venezuela

Kenyan Missionary Found Dead And Hanging On Tree In Venezuela

Kenyan Missionary Found Dead And Hanging On Tree In Venezuela

Father Josiah Asa K’Okal, a Consolata Missionaries Congregation member, was found dead one day after he went missing while working in Delta Amacuro state, Venezuela.

According to reports, the religious leader left the residence of the congregation on Monday without informing nearby individuals of his destination. Before leaving, he left his cell phone and several documents at home.

Worried locals, after being unable to reach him for several hours, opted to track down his location. This resulted in the assembly of a search team committed to finding him.

A photo of the late f Father Josiah Asa K’Okal during a baptism ceremony

Following a police investigation, the authorities discovered the deceased body of a 54-year-old man suspended from a tree within a wooded region in Guara Monagas state on Tuesday.

“With deep pain, we announce the death of Father Josiah Asa K’Okal, who had been missing since yesterday, January 1, 2024. We ask for the mercy of the Lord for him and consolation for all of us, family and acquaintances,” read a statement from the church.

His remains were taken to the nearby morgue while inquiries began. The reason for his passing had not been determined, yet locals demanded the apprehension of any individuals suspected to be involved.


After he passed away, the Archdiocese of Caracas and Cardinal Baltazar Porras portrayed K’Okal as a commendable clergyman and a philanthropic evangelist.

Furthermore, the Indigenous Council of Brazil (CIMI) acknowledged the priest as among the most experienced individuals in engaging with the Waro indigenous community and noted significant contributions to Brazil.

He was additionally characterized as a dedicated individual who contributed significantly to the community, leading to his being granted Venezuelan citizenship as a recognition of his efforts.

Significantly, K’Okal originated from Siaya County in 1969 before commencing his religious vocation in 1993. His theological education commenced in London, leading to his ordination as a priest in 1997.

The deacon previously worked in London before relocating to Venezuela, where he has spent more than five years. During his time there, the priest fulfilled roles such as an administrator, council member, deputy superior, and superior within the Delegation of Consolata Missionaries in Venezuela.

In the year 2022, he accomplished his graduate studies, earning a master’s degree focused on research in anthropology from FLASCO located in Ecuador.

Kenyan Missionary Found Dead And Hanging On Tree In Venezuela