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‘Kenya Kwanza Is Taking Us To Bankruptcy,’ Wanjigi Says As He Backs Raila On Return Of Demos

‘Kenya Kwanza Is Taking Us To Bankruptcy,’ Wanjigi Says As He Backs Raila On Return Of Demos

Entrepreneur and ex-presidential aspirant Jimi Wanjigi has voiced his backing for Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition party, in his declaration to resume protests aiming to pressure the government into reducing the cost of living.

Wanjigi expressed that Odinga’s appeal comes at the right moment, considering that Kenyans are burdened by excessive taxes, and the current government appears unconcerned about their hardships.

He mentioned the growing national debt and highlighted how the increasing cost of living was becoming too much for regular citizens in Kenya. He advocated for street demonstrations to urge the Kenya Kwanza government to revoke the contentious Finance Act of 2023, emphasizing that it was crucial for the welfare of the people.

“I support him (Odinga) 101%. Street action and maandamano are embedded in our Constitution. This pain must be expressed, and let it be expressed on the streets, in our homes, in our churches…we must express it because we seem to have a government that is not listening,” he said.

Wanjigi linked the increase in the cost of living to the country’s debt, stating that approximately Ksh.70 out of every Ksh.100 earned in revenue is utilized to settle loans.

He strongly criticized the administration led by President William Ruto, emphasizing that it had ignored the concerns of the people. He suggested that the only way for Kenyans to make their voices heard was by engaging in protests.


“It is not going to be an easy year, that is a reality. About a year ago, our national debt was Ksh.8.6 trillion, now it is Ksh.11 trillion even after paying Ksh.2 trillion to that debt. That is the biggest threat to our lives and continues to be. The President was very clear that he is taking Ksh.7 out of every Ksh.10…Ksh.70 out of every Ksh.100 of our tax revenue, and he has to keep increasing tax because of it,” he stated.

“Kenya Kwanza is taking us to a route of bankruptcy. That pain will be felt in 2024. I urge my fellow Kenyans to understand that nothing short of a revolution is going to take us out of this, nothing!”

Wanjigi’s comments follow the opposition leader’s suggestion on Monday of potentially restarting widespread protests to pressure the government into reviewing its contentious policies.

He promised to make sure that the elevated tax system experienced in the country during the previous year will cease by 2024.

“Tunataka kuona mwaka huu 2024 ikiwa mzuri kuliko ile ya 2023. Tunataka ushuru ishuke na gharama ya maisha irudi chini,” said Mr. Odinga.

“Zakayo awache kutoza watu ushuru…Zakayo ashuke…akuje hapa chini pamoja na sisi.”

‘Kenya Kwanza Is Taking Us To Bankruptcy,’ Wanjigi Says As He Backs Raila On Return Of Demos