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‘Judges Should Not Live in Utopia’: Gachagua Escalates Ruto’s Onslaught Against Judiciary

‘Judges Should Not Live in Utopia’: Gachagua Escalates Ruto’s Onslaught Against Judiciary

On Sunday, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua intensified the criticisms directed at the Judiciary in the Kenya Kwanza campaign, echoing the stance of President William Ruto. He accused Chief Justice Martha Koome’s leadership in the Judiciary of undermining the Kenya Kwanza manifesto.

While addressing an audience in Nandi County at the Tinderet Barngetuny Mountain Run, Gachagua criticized the Judiciary for consistently making decisions that have had an impact on the functioning of the government. Gachagua specifically highlighted instances where court rulings have halted the progress of the State’s Affordable Housing and Social Health Fund initiatives.

The deputy president of the nation contended that a majority of judicial officials possessed mortgages, housing allowances, and health coverage. He used this as a point of contention, questioning why the courts have been making decisions that, in his view, have been hindering individuals striving to succeed.

President William Ruto (right) and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua at the Kimalel Grounds, Baringo County, for the 9th Annual Kimalel Goat Auction and Cultural Festival on December 14, 2023.

“Why are these people stopping the President from helping ordinary Kenyans without houses or jobs? These judges should know that they are also Kenyans and they should not live in Utopia,” he stated.

Gachagua emphasized the importance for judges to be aware of the current state of the country. He stated that Kenyans are eager for the government to execute the Housing Levy to generate opportunities for the youth by providing affordable housing and job prospects.

Gachagua commented that the Judiciary seemed unaware of the needs of Kenyans, resulting in their decisions going against the government.


“Somebody must oversee the Judiciary, we must hold them to account and ask the tough questions. They cannot sabotage our manifesto without us asking questions,” he stated.

He urged the Judiciary to responsibly and patriotically consider the well-being of fellow Kenyans in their rulings.

At the same time, the recent emotional reaction from Ruto at a burial event in Nyandarua County has drawn disapproval from leaders who warned the President about avoiding any intrusion into the judiciary’s autonomy.

Ruto had promised to eliminate corrupt judges who are obstructing his plans for the Kenyan people through the legal system, particularly following the High Court’s cancellation of the Housing Levy last year.

Regarding this issue, Chief Justice Martha Koome encouraged all judges to carry out their judicial responsibilities impartially and without any apprehension or bias.

“The JSC assures all Kenyans that any allegations or complaints of misconduct or corruption by any Judge or Judicial Officer will be dealt with firmly and swiftly per the Constitution,” she remarked.

‘Judges Should Not Live in Utopia’: Gachagua Escalates Ruto’s Onslaught Against Judiciary