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Is He Simply a Womanizer?

Is He Simply a Womanizer? A womanizer is charming, attentive, inquisitive, humorous, and flirty.
A womanizer is skilled at making a woman feel unique, special, and like his one and only.
Womanizer acts in this way to get in your pants, not your heart; a nice man acts in this way to win your heart.
It’s not as simple as we’d like it to be to tell a good man from a womanizer, but we’ve got you covered.
Find 10 indicators to help you tell the difference after the jump.
But keep in mind that just because he exhibits some of these traits doesn’t mean he is a womanizer.
Just remember to keep your emotions to yourself; it’s always better to be safe than sorry!
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Ten Telltale Signs He’s a Womanizer.

1.More female Facebook postings than male posts.

Many girls have written “I miss you,” “I want to hang out,” or “When am I seeing you?” on his Facebook wall.

2.He offers excessive praise.

“I’ve never seen eyes as gorgeous as yours,” I said.
You are stunning, and I don’t use that word lightly.
“With a woman, I’ve never been able to be as open as I have been with you.” If he says everything in the first 15 minutes of the date, he probably only has one thing in mind. Yes, that is what is between your legs.

3.He equates you with different girls.

Nothing is worse than a guy addressing you by the name of another girl.
You already know that there is a second person, and he has trouble even distinguishing between the two of you.

4.The Frisky: Nine Cheating Sigma. The future is him.

You’re likely at least open to the concept of meeting someone to eventually settle down with unless

You are a lady who is determined to remain single.
Womanizers are aware of this and turn into Mr. Future as a result.
“We can go here, we can go there, we can do this, and we can do that.”
It’s always “we, we, we.”
Womanizers are skilled at giving us what we want, but they don’t feel bad when they take it from us.

5.He has no platonic relationships with any women.

A womanizer is interested in every woman, hence he doesn’t require platonic girlfriends.
If there is sexual chemistry, being platonic is impossible, right?

6.He frequently texts other girls.

He might not simply be interested in you if he’s hanging out with you but is continuously texting other girls on his phone.

7.He rules over nicknames.

These simple pet names—sweetie, babe, baby, honey, darling—are the ideal way to make a girl feel loved without using her true name.

8.His cell phone is always locked.

In general, men enjoy being shady.
They don’t often appreciate people prying into their affairs, but if he keeps his phone hidden and gets upset if you even glance at it, there is probably a good reason for his secrecy.
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9.Another name that his mother uses for you.

You can be special to him if he is presenting you to his mother.
You’re, after all, meeting the family.
But if his mother thinks you’re someone else, there might be a good explanation.
Perhaps you’re not the only woman he’s bringing mommy home.