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HomeNewsInside Lavish Life of Arrested Kawira Mwangaza's Son Timothy Kinoti (PHOTOS)

Inside Lavish Life of Arrested Kawira Mwangaza’s Son Timothy Kinoti (PHOTOS)

Inside Lavish Life of Arrested Kawira Mwangaza’s Son Timothy Kinoti (PHOTOS)

Timothy Kinoti, the oldest son of Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza, gained significant media attention on January 5 when he was implicated in the killing of Meru blogger Daniel Muthiani, also known as Sniper.

Before being apprehended by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Kinoti led a tranquil existence, occasionally making public appearances alongside his parents.

An illustrative example occurred during the Senate’s impeachment hearing of Governor Mwangaza on November 7, 2023.

PoliticalPulseChat confirmed that a 25-year-old, commonly known as Timo by their mother, completed their studies at the Pan African Christian University on July 14, 2023.

Timothy Kinoti riding a horse in a reel posted on Instagram on September 9, 2023

“PAC University where leaders are made. You have made it. Congratulations Timo, the great son. We are happy. Blessings and blessed be the name of the Lord,” Kawira stated even as she shared photos of the event.

To celebrate her son’s achievement, Kawira organized a gold and white-themed event to commemorate the graduate.

During his high school years, Timothy attended Ontex Boys High School located in Nanyuki for his education.


Timothy Kinoti, Kawira Mwangaza’s son, graduates from PAC University in July 2023

He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Hustler Group of Companies.

Based on his Instagram profile, he’s delved into the real estate realm. Like his mother, Kinoti holds a fascination for politics and aspires to become a Member of Parliament someday.


Timothy Kinoti, Kawira Mwangaza’s son in a photo posted on the governor’s Facebook page on January 23, 2020

Timothy marks his birthday towards the end of January, as indicated on his mother’s Facebook profile.

On the 23rd of January 2020, Kawira shared a unique message dedicated to his eldest child, commemorating the accomplishments the child had reached up to that point.


“Happy birthday, my firstborn. As you play the role of a trailblazer and natural leader, it’s my sincere prayer that you are blessed and favored by Almighty God.

“You will grow up with a special destiny. Excelling in honor and excelling in power belongs to you. Every day, we thank God for giving us an incredible son, a treasure from above is your Name. Happy birthday, Great Son, and best wishes in your education. Timo, you have our blessings,” she wrote. 

Marriage and Family

Timothy Mwangaza and his spouse, Judy being prayed for at a church in Meru County in 2021.

Kinoti is happily wedded to his soulmate, Judy Korole. They exchanged vows in Meru on April 28, 2021.

“Congratulations, Judy and Timo. You have no boundaries. Great son you are! We appreciate our daughter from Rendille. She is beautiful. Welcome to Meru County,” Mwangaza posted on her Facebook Account.


Timothy was among the group of people who traveled with Governor Kawira for a holiday to an undisclosed location for the December 2023 celebrations.

Mwangaza posted numerous photos across her social media profiles. In one of her updates, she included a quote from Psalms 124.

If it had not been the Lord who was on our side,

When men rose against us,

Then they would have swallowed us alive,

When their wrath was kindled against us 

After the holidays, she shared a photo of herself sitting inside a helicopter with the caption, “It is important to take a break from work and refresh your mind. Now that our break is over, it’s my humble request we go back to work with brand-new excitement, blessings, favor, grace, and zeal for our noble duties.

The Mwangaza family posing for a family photo on January 2, 2023. Timothy is photographed standing next to his father Murega Baichu.

Timothy regularly posts pictures of himself and his family on his Instagram profile. One image shows him at Baite TV, the television station owned by his mother.

In a separate instance, he posted a picture showing a black and gold motorcycle rising from a well-groomed grassy area. Another image displayed what he asserted to be a grand residence owned by his family.

Timothy has a single sibling, Victor, who achieved an A at Kagumo High School. The youngest son of the governor aspired to pursue a career in law.

Inside Lavish Life of Arrested Kawira Mwangaza’s Son Timothy Kinoti (PHOTOS)