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HomeNewsIdah Odinga pens emotional tribute to her late son, Fidel

Idah Odinga pens emotional tribute to her late son, Fidel

Idah Odinga pens emotional tribute to her late son, Fidel

Idah Odinga, the spouse of ex-Prime Minister Raila Odinga, has conveyed a heartfelt message commemorating the late Fidel Odinga, their son, as nine years have passed since his passing.

In her Thursday social media post, Idah emphasized the memories she cherished about Fidel’s development and his compassionate nature, which brightly shone throughout his life.

“Then you grew up tall, loving, caring, happy, and incomparably kind. I still remember you in these ways. We still remember you in these ways,” the message reads in part.

Winnie Odinga embracing her Late Brother Fidel Odinga

In a heartfelt message, Idah recalled her journey as a mother raising her son from his early years until he reached adulthood, grieving his passing at the age of 41.

“It is nine today! Unbelievably fast! But that was always you, my Son Fidel Castro Makarios Odhiambo Odinga. From the first day, I carried you to the many months you spent on my lap as a baby, you always wanted to be your own man so that you could protect us,” she recalled. 

Fidel Odinga, born in 1973, was found dead in his bed on January 4, 2015. 


In her message commemorating the ninth anniversary, the ex-Prime Minister’s spouse expressed the ongoing challenge she has faced over the past nine years in accepting and coping with the loss of their son.

“Nine years later, I have struggled to accept something that these years without you have taught me. Perhaps, you may have just lived enough because you lived so right. Your passing away, no doubt, shook me and shook us. Nothing in this world will ever be able to replace your presence around us,” she stated. 

Moreover, Idah commemorated the exceptional life she and her family shared with the deceased Fidel, actively recalling these memories to honor and preserve his legacy.

“We haven’t exhausted your account of affectionate smiles. We haven’t withdrawn even half of the sweet names you called us, the wonderful praises you showered us. And with motherly pride, I don’t think I will ever exhaust the “Mommy” names you called me,” she added. 

Fidel Odinga, the eldest child of Raila Odinga and Idah Odinga, was joined by siblings Rosemary, Raila Junior, and Winnie Odinga.

The late Raila Odinga’s son, Fidel Castro

Idah Odinga pens emotional tribute to her late son, Fidel