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Ichung’wah Clears Air on Wamatangi Rift Post Ruto Rally Clash

Ichung’wah Clears Air on Wamatangi Rift Post Ruto Rally Clash

Kimani Ichung’wah, the Majority Leader in the National Assembly, has denied rumors suggesting that he has aspirations for the position of Kiambu governor in the 2027 elections.

While on a development tour in the county, the Kikuyu legislator suggested that his disagreements with Governor Kimani Wamatangi were of a political nature.

He argued that Wamatangi should concentrate on his responsibilities instead of engaging in indirect conflicts with him.

Nevertheless, he cautioned that if the governor persists in criticizing them, leaders within the county would unite in support of an alternative candidate for the position.

Ichung’wah also alleged that the governor is fostering discord within the county by employing his supporters to demean elected officials.

“There is no day that I will answer those leaders that have been sent by the governor. If he wants to come and face me, let him come alone. I am not interested in that seat today or tomorrow.

“We are saying that we can raise anybody to become the governor of this county,” he threatened.

Significantly, additional leaders accompanying Ichung’wah reiterated the views expressed by the majority leader. They emphasized their commitment to advocating for transparency in the utilization of the nation’s resources, undeterred by the numerous criticisms coming from the governor’s supporters.


For example, Senator Karungo wa Thang’wa boldly engaged multiple security agencies to probe the purported mishandling of funds.

“I also highlighted my role in overseeing the governor’s handling of billions of shillings that have been disbursed to the county. I have called upon the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to be alert,” he stated

Kiambu has been in turmoil due to political disagreements since the General Election in August 2022. The conflicts have become apparent even during President William Ruto’s recent tour to promote development in the county, which is known for its significant voting population.

During the February rally, Ichung’wah and other local leaders alleged that Wamatangi had hired disruptive youth to interrupt their speeches. Additionally, Thika Town MP Alice Ng’ang’a and some fellow leaders expressed their intentions to challenge the current governor in the upcoming elections.

Significantly, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua expressed dissatisfaction with the discrepancies, cautioning the leaders for dishonoring the Head of State, whom he compared to a monarch.

“I want to make this clear while still here in Kiambu, this habit of booking people at political rallies is not a behavior of this region and as your leader, I do not want to see that happening again,” he stated.

Ichung’wah Clears Air on Wamatangi Rift Post Ruto Rally Clash