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HomeNewsHow Relative Helped Police To Arrest Fugitive Kevin Kang’ethe At Ngong Hideout

How Relative Helped Police To Arrest Fugitive Kevin Kang’ethe At Ngong Hideout

How Relative Helped Police To Arrest Fugitive Kevin Kang’ethe At Ngong Hideout

Murder suspect Kevin Kang’ethe who escaped from Muthaiga Police Station a week ago was arrested again on Tuesday night in a dramatic confrontation with police officers in Ngong, Kajiado County.

Kang’ethe was arrested after visiting a relative in the area who alerted security officers at around 9:30 pm.

Detectives who have been trailing the suspect since he escaped from custody say he was hiding at a family-owned farm in Ngong where he used to leave at night to visit family and friends.

The relative who did not want to be identified and who was a close friend of Kang’ethe before the alleged murder incident in the United States said that when he came to his house, he appeared shaken; he however convinced him to stay for a while, this whole time waiting for police to arrive.

“Alikuja akaknock mlango ya mbele akasema anataka kuongea na mimi…wife akaenda kuangalia akaniambia ni yeye, nikajaribu kupigia cousin yangu David juu amekuwa aki coordinate nao alikuwa mteja, nikacall aunty yangu wakaongea na yeye ikakuwa nimhold ndio wafike,” he said.

“Niliona hapo nje alikuwa na wasiwasi ni kama anataka kuenda nikamwambia si tuingie tuvute fegi hapa nyuma uniambie vile kunaenda na ndio basi maofisa wakakuja.”

He said the suspect did not want to discuss much about his escape from police custody, only hinting that it was an inside job.

“Hakuniambia exactly, but it was a big thing yaani ni kama inside job, yaani kitu kama hiyo, pia ameelezea OCPD wa Ngong,” added the relative.

On why he reported his relative and friend to the police, he said he was concerned that his disappearance was putting family members in trouble and that he also knew the lady who was allegedly killed by the suspect in the United States.


“Ameeka watu wengi wa familia kwa shida, kando na hiyo aliua mtu najua and he has to answer…huwezi msaidia sana, watu wamekuwa wakimwambia ajipeane na hajakuwa akijiskia,” he stated.

Kang’ethe is reported to have resisted arrest but was overpowered by 10 police officers who had been sent to arrest him. But just where was the suspect hiding for the last seven days before the dramatic arrest?

Sources told Gossipa2z that Kang’ethe was hiding in a house on a family-owned farm in the Ngong area after he escaped from police custody.

The source also confirmed that the disappearance was well-planned days before his escape. It all started on Tuesday, February 6, when three people claiming to be his relatives visited him at Muthaiga Police Station.

They are alleged to have brought him a phone which was to help him once he got free.

The following day on Wednesday, February 7th in the afternoon, a person claiming to be his lawyer visited him at the station and they were allowed to talk outside the cell.

It is during that moment with the lawyer that Kang’ethe escaped and boarded a matatu on the Thika Superhighway.

Detectives believe Kang’ethe withdrew some cash using that phone which helped him move around and buy stuff he needed until he was cornered on Tuesday night.

The source also revealed that when Kang’ethe landed in the country from the United States after allegedly killing his girlfriend, he lived in a relative’s house in Buruburu before renting out a place of his own where detectives recovered his clothes.

How Relative Helped Police To Arrest Fugitive Kevin Kang’ethe At Ngong Hideout