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Health CS Nakhumicha Says 2.75% SHIF Deductions To Begin Next Month

Health CS Nakhumicha Says 2.75% SHIF Deductions To Begin Next Month

Starting in March this year, each Kenyan household will allocate 2.75% of its monthly earnings to the recently established Social Health Insurance Fund (SHIF).

As per Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha, all the necessary laws and regulations have been established, and the commencement of deductions for the new scheme will happen promptly.

Addressing the audience in Bungoma County at the initiation of a pledge to eradicate the Triple Threat of HIV, adolescent pregnancies, and Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, CS Nakhumicha announced the implementation of an Emergency Chronic and Critical Illness Fund. This initiative aims to ensure that individuals in level five hospitals in Kenya will be provided with treatment covered by the national government.

SHIF aims to replace the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) and eliminate the existing limit of Ksh.1,700 contribution, subjecting employed individuals in Kenya to increased deductions.

“Pale nyuma bima ya afya yule mtu mwenye mapato ya chini alikuwa analipa Ksh.500 lakini sasa rais amenipatia directions…sheria tumemaliza, regulations tunamaliza jumatatu na mimi kwa mpango wangu ni kuanzia tarehe moja mwezi wa tatu kila Mkenya ambaye ako low level of income ataanza kulipa Ksh.300, kuna watu wengi sana wamekwama kule MTRH na lazima tuwe na solution solution…ni sisi wale wa mshahara kutoa 2.75% tulipie wale hawana uwezo,” she said.


CS Nakhumicha expressed that the Kenya Kwanza administration is committed to providing healthcare that is both affordable and easily accessible to every Kenyan.

“In the new laws, primary health Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 hakuna malipo…hiyo ndio iko kwa sheria mpya…Level 4 ndio pale tunasema tulipie bima ya afya na hakikisho langu kwenu ni kwamba hiyo pesa mkikatwa I will put it to good use mambo ya WhatsApp Harambee ikwishe,” she said.

Under the guidelines of the recently introduced medical program, individuals with employment will contribute 2.75 percent of their total salary to the fund, whereas non-salaried Kenyan citizens will contribute 2.75 percent of their income to the medical fund.

The finance executive committee member at the county level is responsible for deducting and forwarding the contributions of county public service employees to the authority by the ninth day of every month.

In the new health fund, Kenyans earning a gross salary of Ksh.50,000 will pay Ksh.1,375 up from the current Ksh.1,200 while those earning over Ksh.100,000 will part with Ksh.2,750 up from Ksh.1,700.

The most affected are the high earners, those earning Ksh.500,000 in gross income will pay Ksh.13,750 up from Ksh.1,700 and those getting a gross salary of Ksh.1,000,000 will pay Ksh.27,500.

Health CS Nakhumicha Says 2.75% SHIF Deductions To Begin Next Month