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HomeNewsHeadteacher Found Dead, Tied Up in Suspected Love Triangle

Headteacher Found Dead, Tied Up in Suspected Love Triangle

Headteacher Found Dead, Tied Up in Suspected Love Triangle

Authorities in Bumula, located in Baringo County, have initiated inquiries following the discovery of Fred Lunani, the headteacher of Lunao Primary School, deceased and bound in blankets within his residence on Wednesday, April 3rd.

The family of the victim expressed astonishment and raised doubts about the events leading to his demise, suggesting a possible connection to a love triangle, especially after the apprehension of a woman discovered in the residence.

As per the wife of the deceased, she discovered her husband’s inert body bound at both the hands and legs, and wrapped in blankets within their residence.

“I’m mourning my husband’s death. I found him tied up like a thief, a whole headteacher,” the wife lamented amid tears. 

Ephrahim Mukamani, the Secretary General of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) in Mumias East, has criticized the incident and urged the police to swiftly investigate the murder of the headteacher to uncover the full circumstances surrounding it.

Maurice Makhamu, ex-Member of Parliament for Bumula, characterized the headteacher as a tranquil individual actively engaged in local development initiatives.


“The police need to start their investigations at the family level. The deceased was a peaceful man, focused on development and helping people,” former Bumula MP Maurice Makhamu noted. 

Following a series of family-related homicides, a woman was apprehended on Wednesday for fatally stabbing her husband, Vincent Kiprotich, with a machete.

Kiprotich, who was assigned to the Special Operation Group (SOG) stationed in Wargadud, Mandera County, had taken a break to be with his family.

The victim’s brother found the officer’s lifeless body lying on the floor inside their house, with deep stab wounds. 

Kiprotich succumbed to the injuries sustained while receiving treatment at a local hospital in Eldama Ravine. The doctors cited excessive blood loss as the leading cause of death. 

The wife, who is the main suspect, was arrested at a hideout kilometers from the crime scene, pending investigations into the incident. 

Headteacher Found Dead, Tied Up in Suspected Love Triangle