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Harmonizing the Masculine and Feminine Energy.

Harmonizing the Masculine and Feminine Energy. Although it may sound dated, this has nothing to do with a person’s gender.
There is a mix of masculine and feminine energy in both men and women.
Each person’s level of one and the other within themselves vary, and it has to do with the preference or propensity of the type of energy that one feels more comfortable expressing in a relationship. Action-oriented is the basic energy of the male. It advances, acts, and exerts control. It is exemplified by a propensity for analysis, competition, strength, and power as well as a demand for independence, respect, and the ability to solve problems. The energy of the feminine is open, patient, and rooted in being rather than doing.
Being nurturing is a manifestation of female inner energy. open, aware of a range of emotions, more emotionally motivated, and seeking confirmation, trust, and connection
Relationships and the function of feminine and masculine energy
While men may tend to have more masculine energy than women do, this isn’t always the case.

The relationship’s one partner may almost exactly reflect the other partner’s relative amounts of each energy.

Alternately, maybe the woman asks the man to show more empathy and listen to her when she has to complain about her job every day rather than trying to “problem-solve” all the time because she doesn’t find it useful.
While it’s true that sometimes listening is indeed the greatest course of action if her lover or husband stopped taking a He may listen instead of taking a problem-solving approach to most things on most days, which would increase both his and the relationship’s overall feminine energy.
She didn’t mean to do this when she asked her partner to pay more attention to her, but she now realizes that she unintentionally inhibited or suppressed the type of male energy that attracted her to him. It might not be the deeds themselves that are the cause, but rather a general gravitational pull—a shift in the relationship’s scales that is now shifting against the male energy.
To achieve harmony in your relationship, it’s crucial to balance the masculine and feminine energies between you and your partner.
When you are more contented together, more drawn to one another, and generally more compatible.

How to Harmonize the Energy of the Masculine and Feminine in a Relationship

1.Embrace the polarity of your fundamental energy.

It’s crucial to comprehend how these energies differ to capitalize on their magical polarity and complementary nature. The continuation of love, romance, and desire depends on this energy polarity.
A relationship needs both a giver and a receiver to be successful.
Both yin and yang. An emperor and queen. So who’s doing the work when it comes to your relationship?

2.To assist you to meet each other’s requirements, establish roles.

Does your man make time for you, organize special occasions, buy you gifts, and otherwise demonstrate his love for you? is it? What are you constantly doing and giving? If you are, you are taking away his manly function. He senses that something is off in the relationship when you take up this job. This is the main reason and method how a man loses physical and emotional attraction to a woman.
Men want to contribute; they want to make you happy, but they require your support by being given the room to do so.
A man can only move backward if you are constantly moving toward him (which is another way to say away from you).
These guidelines still apply whether you are married or have been with your man for a long time. They simply have a different setting.
Do you schedule all of your time together, give him advice on how to handle his issues, teach him how to drive, and tell him what he should and shouldn’t be doing?
Do you continually supervise him like a mother and go out of your way to make his life easy?
Do you exercise total control?
If you do, he won’t have a manly role to play.
He won’t be persuaded to behave like a guy, and he’ll hate you and the connection without even realizing it.

3.Concentrate on you.

So how can you stop moving and make room for him to approach you?
You give up control over your man and the relationship.
You take a look at your own life and begin to put effort into making yourself happy.
You read self-help books, pick up a hobby, work out, and you get happier.
You don’t always make the arrangements for our time together.
You don’t take care of him in the hopes that he will see what a lovely lady you are and show you more time, love, and devotion.
You give yourself your full attention, and you restore his tranquility and contentment.

4.Adopt a more feminine stance.

With your female enthusiasm, you inspire him.
You may decide to take a Zumba class, bake a cake, or decorate your home.
You become aware of your emotional set-offs and start the process of mending your emotional and inner world.
You do all of these steps to improve your relationship.
More quickly you The sooner you accept that happiness is a result of you and your relationship with yourself, not what he does or does not do, the sooner you will change—and he will, too.
He notices when you start to feel calm and content, and he automatically recognizes that you are a lady with values and standards.
Unconsciously, he treats you better because he knows that if he doesn’t, someone else will.
Therefore, take care of your health, have lots of laughs, and learn to live in harmony with your feminine energy. He feels more at ease and attracted to you because of how happy you are, therefore be happy. He needs this inspiration to improve as a guy.

5.Allow him to approach you.

Allow him to turn away from the television to chat with you about your day instead of approaching you to make love, let him take you to your favorite restaurant simply because.
A man who truly loves you will approach you if you remain still, are filled with loving energy and have an open heart.
When we are born and develop into bodies, this is nature, and it remains the same.
A feminine woman allows her man to pursue her while she stands motionless (metaphorically speaking).