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HomeNewsGovt Postpones Ruto's Visa-Free Directive; Here Is Why

Govt Postpones Ruto’s Visa-Free Directive; Here Is Why

Govt Postpones Ruto’s Visa-Free Directive; Here Is Why

The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) has stated that foreigners planning to visit Kenya are still required to go through the visa application process as before, despite the announcement made by President William Ruto.

On Tuesday, the KCAA announced that this situation will continue until the government communicates the alterations made to the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system.

“All travelers coming to Kenya from countries that require visas shall continue applying for visas in the usual manner until the government communicates the change program to the ETA system,” the Authority said.

It was mentioned that the ETA system is currently undergoing development, and once it’s finished, travelers will receive a notification.

“Following the presidential directive that Kenya will be a visa-free country from January 2024, an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system is in the process of development and implementation. The digital platform will ensure that all travelers to Kenya are identified in advance,” KCAA said.


The instruction follows President William Ruto’s statement made a couple of weeks ago, indicating that Kenya aims to become a visa-free nation by the start of 2024.

Ruto asserted that Kenya, being the birthplace of humanity, is a scientific truth that instills a sense of pride in us and highlights our abundant cultural legacy.

He stated that people from any part of the world won’t need to bear the responsibility of applying for a visa to visit Kenya anymore.

“It is with great pleasure, as President of this extraordinary country to make a historic announcement of the decision of the Government of Kenya,” he said.

“Beginning January 2024, Kenya will be a visa-free country.”

Ruto additionally mentioned that to put the new policy into action, they’ve created a fresh digital platform.

The electronic platform will guarantee that all individuals traveling to Kenya are pre-identified digitally beforehand.

“All travelers will obtain electronic travel authorization,” Ruto said.

Govt Postpones Ruto’s Visa-Free Directive; Here Is Why