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HomeNewsGovernor Kahiga Tells Ruto to Accept Gen Z’s Demands

Governor Kahiga Tells Ruto to Accept Gen Z’s Demands

Governor Kahiga Tells Ruto to Accept Gen Z’s Demands

Nyeri Governor Mutahi Kahiga has openly criticized President William Ruto’s strategy for tackling the nation’s issues.

Kahiga, a devoted supporter of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, advocates for more decisive and responsive leadership that resonates with Kenya’s youth.

Expressing his concerns with respect and urgency, Governor Kahiga highlighted the problematic advice President Ruto receives from his inner circle.

“With utmost humility and respect, I address my president, William Ruto, to inform him that the advisers around him are the reason for the current predicaments due to their poor counsel,” he asserted.

Kahiga’s comments arise as the nation faces socio-economic challenges and political unrest driven by Gen Z.

The county leader urged President Ruto to reassess the nation’s current condition and his leadership.

“A wise individual reflects on their actions and current state. Political closeness is irrelevant; what matters is the nation’s well-being, which is now in your hands,” he remarked.

He stressed the importance of decisive action, noting that the promises made during Ruto’s campaign are unattainable in the present political climate.

“You made numerous promises, but achieving them is impossible in the current political atmosphere,” Kahiga emphasized.


Addressing the concerns of Kenya’s youth, Kahiga stressed that Gen Z’s demands should be central to any political strategy.

“The Gen Zs have voiced their needs. You engaged with them and heard their desires. None of their demands included forming a 150-member negotiation team,” he highlighted.

“If they call for a cabinet reorganization, comply. If they demand dismissals, act on it. There are 50 million Kenyans capable of filling those roles.”

Kahiga’s fervent appeal reflects a growing sentiment among Kenyans that the current administration is disconnected from their needs.

He warned that ignoring reality could have severe national consequences.

“If you persist in ignoring reality, it will severely impact us. You have a unique opportunity, this is a critical moment. Consider the nation’s needs and do your utmost,” he urged.

Governor Kahiga’s address is a strong call for President Ruto to reassess his leadership and make bold moves to align his administration with the aspirations of Kenya’s youth.

Governor Kahiga Tells Ruto to Accept Gen Z’s Demands