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HomeNewsGovernment Warns Chiefs for Joining Simba Arati's ODM Gathering

Government Warns Chiefs for Joining Simba Arati’s ODM Gathering

Government Warns Chiefs for Joining Simba Arati’s ODM Gathering

Kisii’s local administrative officers were cautioned by higher-ranking government officials for their participation in a gathering held at the residence of Kisii Governor, Simba Arati.

On Monday, Philip Etale, the Communications Director of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), criticized the action while also defending the Kisii Governor, who has ties to the opposition party.

He additionally released a statement expressing regret that the action violates the constitution and generates a separation between the two tiers of governance.

A photo of Chiefs During a meeting

“This is serious, I thought the Constitution says the National Govt and County Government are interdependent under Article 6 (2). Chiefs meeting Governor ⁦Simba Arati has become a crime”, Etale lamented. 

Talking to PoliticalPulseChat, a reliable informant verified that the chiefs had indeed received the letters.

The governor-led meeting reportedly focused on county development issues such as widespread distribution of mosquito nets and allocation of bursaries.


However, following the meeting, the leaders expressed regret over receiving cautionary letters from undisclosed high-ranking officials in the national government.

The correspondence seemed to caution the leaders, alleging that they had breached established protocols and guidelines by being largely absent from their responsibilities during the required festive season.

 “This letter is to warn you of your actions and that severe consequences of not adhering to the directives will be imposed on you,” the letter allegedly read.

The individuals responsible for issuing the letters and the accuracy of the claims made within them are still unknown.

In a past session hosted by the governor at the Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology (KHIBIT), he stressed the importance of cooperation between the central government and local county administrations.

During his speech, he hinted at the constitution to support the idea of collaboration, emphasizing that different levels of government are interconnected and should cooperate to fulfill their respective duties for the well-being of the people of Kenya.

Government Warns Chiefs for Joining Simba Arati’s ODM Gathering