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HomeNewsGhanaian President Akufo Addo Awards Ruto With Country's Highest Accolade

Ghanaian President Akufo Addo Awards Ruto With Country’s Highest Accolade

Ghanaian President Akufo Addo Awards Ruto With Country’s Highest Accolade

During a lavish state banquet held Wednesday evening, Ghana bestowed upon President William Ruto its most prestigious accolade, the Companion of the Order of the Star of the Volta.

President Ruto was honored with a distinguished award by Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo, who praised Ruto as a shining example of a modern African leader dedicated to ensuring accountability and fairness for all citizens, regardless of their social standing.

President Akufo-Addo praised Ruto for his steadfast commitment to upholding these principles, despite encountering complex political obstacles.

“Under your leadership,” President Akufo-Addo proclaimed, “Kenya has become a shining beacon of a nation governed by the rule of law.”

He additionally praised President Ruto for leading Kenya to regain a significant presence on the global platform, highlighting accomplishments like the reduction in inflation, the growing startup community, and efforts to enhance housing and healthcare accessibility for Kenyan people.

The acknowledgment of President Ruto’s leadership coincides with his diplomatic endeavors aimed at bolstering relationships with fellow African countries.

The distinguishing feature of the Order of the Star of the Volta lies in its elaborately crafted emblem, comprising a medal resembling a seven-pointed star, with a diameter of 45 mm, hung on a ring, and worn around the neck with a ribbon collar.

Furthermore, individuals who receive this accolade are presented with a sash, pendant, and rosette, alongside a miniature rendition for ceremonial use.

The positioning of the insignia varies according to the class, being worn either on the right or left shoulder. The most prestigious class, known as Companion, is made from 18-carat gold.


The opposite side displays a symbolic depiction of the Volta Hydro Scheme, using a blend of yellow and white gold to represent the control and harnessing of the river’s energy.

On the flip side, there is a composite apparatus featuring symbols representing freedom and justice, alongside the raised inscription ‘Companion of the Order of the Volta’.

While in Ghana, President Ruto garnered backing for the Azimio la Umoja Coalition and the candidacy of veteran opposition leader Raila Odinga for the African Union Commission (AUC) chairmanship.

President Akufo-Addo promised Ghana’s support, representing a significant development in Ruto’s efforts to gain regional backing.

It was a significant moment in history, as President Ruto made his inaugural appeal for backing in West Africa after reconciling with Raila Odinga, his previous political opponent.

After publicly backing Odinga’s bid for the top position at the AU, Ruto had previously reached out to neighboring nations for support, with Rwanda being the sole country to publicly announce its endorsement.

Ghanaian President Akufo Addo Awards Ruto With Country’s Highest Accolade