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Gachagua Claims Allies Face Intimidation, Threats

Gachagua Claims Allies Face Intimidation, Threats

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua asserts that leaders supporting his Mt Kenya unity efforts are facing intimidation and coercion to withdraw their backing.

At Jesus Compassionate Ministries Church in Ruiru, accompanied by Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka and DAP-K leader Eugene Wamalwa, Gachagua emphasized that his mission for a unified Mt Kenya remains unwavering.

He reiterated that his drive for the ‘One Man One Shilling One Vote’ revenue sharing formula and the quest to unite Mt Kenya is unstoppable.

“The mission to unite this region is accomplished. The ordinary citizens are all speaking with one voice… leaders who support this mission face intimidation and threats, being told that calling for unity will hinder development or associating with the DP will have negative consequences… but such challenges are typical in politics,” he stated.

“This mission is unstoppable… the critical aspect is not just the unity among leaders here; the most vital unity is among the people. I am someone who listens to the grassroots.”


The deputy president urged other leaders, including President William Ruto, to focus on uniting their respective regions.

“Everyone should unite their people. Raila, unite your people, and President Ruto, unite yours as well,” Gachagua added.

While in Ruiru, Gachagua gained unexpected allies, with Kalonzo and Wamalwa endorsing his unity mission.

“The task of uniting your people is very important,” Kalonzo said.

Wamalwa added, “Mr. Gachagua, do not be intimidated, you have friends all over Kenya… you have options.”

Gachagua’s allies in Ruiru pushed for the Mt Kenya region to field a presidential candidate in 2027.

“Deputy President, we as Mt Kenya are tired of Ruto… we regret voting for him as president. Now we say that our region wants one of our own to be a presidential candidate in 2027,” Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu stated.

Gachagua concluded, “Kalonzo is one of us; he is our cousin as a mountain community, and we should start conversations to plan together.”

Gachagua Claims Allies Face Intimidation, Threats