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HomeNewsFormer PM and Widow Charged in Haiti President's Assassination Case

Former PM and Widow Charged in Haiti President’s Assassination Case

Former PM and Widow Charged in Haiti President’s Assassination Case

A document leaked to local media reveals that around fifty individuals, including the widow and a former prime minister, have been charged by a Haitian judge overseeing the inquiry into the 2021 assassination of the nation’s former president.

As per the extensive 122-page report by Judge Walther Wesser Voltaire, which AyiboPost has disclosed, it is alleged that Martine Moise, the widow of the president, colluded with former Prime Minister Claude Joseph to assassinate the president to secure her position as his successor.

Moise met his demise when gunmen entered his bedroom in Port-au-Prince on the night of July 7, 2021. This assault resulted in injuries to the former first lady.

The judge’s directive mandates the apprehension and legal proceedings for individuals facing charges.

The ex-first lady did not promptly reply to Reuters’ inquiry, and Joseph also refrained from responding. Moise has expressed disapproval on social media regarding what she deems as unfair arrests and political persecutions.

Meanwhile, Joseph informed the Miami Herald that Prime Minister Ariel Henry considered the de-facto successor to the president, is the primary recipient and is currently utilizing the Haitian justice system as a tool to target political adversaries, describing the situation as a typical coup d’etat.


A representative from Henry’s office stated that the judge acted independently and was “able to issue his order in line with both the law and his conscience.”

Henry was assigned to take over from Joseph, who currently heads an opposing political faction, just a few days before the assassination. He committed to organizing elections but has delayed them indefinitely, attributing the postponement to a severe earthquake and the increasing influence of well-armed criminal groups. In response to these challenges, he has requested international assistance.

The majority of the capital is believed to be under the control of gangs, prompting Kenya to organize a United Nations-approved global force to assist the Haitian police. However, past instances of misconduct by foreign missions and accusations against Henry’s government have made countries hesitant to offer their support.

In Miami, a distinct legal proceeding is underway concerning Moise’s assassination. Out of the 11 individuals involved, six have admitted their guilt in a conspiracy initially aimed at deploying Colombian mercenaries to abduct Moise. However, at the last moment, the plan was altered to involve a plot to assassinate him.

The individuals accused by the U.S. were allegedly attempting to oust Moise and install Christian Emmanuel Sanon, a Haitian-American pastor, as per the charges.

Former PM and Widow Charged in Haiti President’s Assassination Case