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HomeNewsEnigma Unraveled: Tragic Fate of Nakuru Doctor, Laban Kiptoo, Slain Inside Hospital

Enigma Unraveled: Tragic Fate of Nakuru Doctor, Laban Kiptoo, Slain Inside Hospital

Enigma Unraveled: Tragic Fate of Nakuru Doctor, Laban Kiptoo, Slain Inside Hospital

Investigators are examining the recent actions and discussions of the doctor who discovered the deceased at Nakuru Level Five Hospital this past Saturday.

The lifeless remains of Laban Kiptoo, a 26-year-old intern physician affiliated with the Margaret Kenyatta Mother-Baby Maternity wing, were found in a ditch by security personnel at 7 am.

Dr Kiptoo had been on duty on Friday, just hours before his tragic death.

A coworker and dear friend informed me that they had a conversation last Friday, during which Dr. Kiptoo mentioned having a patient in the delivery room’s operating theater.

At approximately 6 pm, he let her know that he had finished his tasks. Subsequently, at 8 pm, the medical professional messaged her via WhatsApp, informing her about his plan to attend a rugby game at Nakuru Athletic Club on Saturday morning.

“We spoke until 11 pm. I was so tired and therefore I dozed off. I woke up at around 4.45 am and I decided to respond to some of his last messages, from the previous night, but I got no response. I was worried, but I decided that I would call him later so that we could talk,” revealed the friend who sought anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.

But he was to be found dead in a trench, leaving colleagues in panic and fear.

“He had not mentioned to me that he would be going out Friday night as every time he would do, he would tell me,” added the friend.

“I learned of his death later on Saturday morning through a friend, that his lifeless body had been found in a trench. I am yet to come to terms with the incident.”

Dr. Kiptoo, who completed his studies in Medicine and Surgery at Egerton University, has been undergoing an internship at Nakuru Level Five Hospital since August 2023.

Dr Laban Kiptoo, was a graduate of Medicine and Surgery from Egerton University.

He lived within the hospital’s premises.

On Monday, those close to him, including family, friends, and colleagues, gathered at the hospital to express their grief over his passing. They portray him as a person with a sociable, humble, and kind nature.

“We have really struggled to educate him, we had hopes that he would help us after securing a job, but that, however, has been cut short by people. He has never felt ill or been hospitalized. He had not disclosed that he was not feeling well,” said his mother Sarah Rono.


She recalled speaking with her son on Thursday, describing him as full of life.

Mrs. Rono highlighted her son’s strong commitment to his job and expressed the family’s optimism that he would provide support once he secured employment.

Johana Rono, the father of the deceased, expressed incredulity regarding the circumstances surrounding his son’s demise within the hospital compound, which is expected to be a secure facility.

“We do not believe that he was killed outside as the gates are manned by security officials. How did the killers pass through? These are some of the questions we are asking ourselves,” he said. “They wanted to just kill him and they did not take anything from him. His phone was found in his pocket. We ask officers to speed up investigations for the family to get justice.”

While investigators work to assemble details related to the homicide, inquiries regarding the motive and the perpetrator’s identity have emerged.

A seasoned investigator affirmed that headway was being achieved in the inquiry, as multiple hypotheses were under examination.

Health workers from Nakuru Level Five Hospital demonstrate following the mysterious death of their colleague at the facility.

“We are making great strides into the investigations of the murder. Soon, the perpetrators will be arrested to face the law. We are looking into various theories to establish the motive of his killer(s),” revealed the detective.

The malfunctioning CCTV cameras at the hospital have become a difficulty for the investigators.

A team member disclosed that the majority of cameras were nonfunctional on that fateful Saturday, impeding the investigation. Dr. Kiptoo’s body exhibited no tangible injuries apart from bruises.

A postmortem examination carried out by government pathologist Titus Ngulungu on Sunday indicated that the cause of death was manual strangulation.

He sustained injuries to his neck, head, abdomen, wrists, and lips. The chance of drowning was dismissed since he was found in a trench.

“As a result of my examination, I have formed the opinion that the cause of death was asphyxia due to compression of the neck,” revealed Dr Ngulungu.

Nakuru Human Rights Network (Nahurinet) urged a comprehensive inquiry into the demise and requested the participation of Amin Mohamed, the head of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), and Inspector-General Japhet Koome.

Hospital colleagues, under the guidance of Rose Masta, the chairperson of the nurses’ union, organized a tranquil demonstration on Monday, urging for a thorough investigation.

They also brought operations at the hospital to a standstill, insisting on expediting investigations.

The Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists, and Dentists Union (KMPDU) echoed the call for swift investigations and emphasized the need for heightened security measures within health facilities. “We implore the relevant authorities to expedite the process, ensuring that justice is served swiftly,” KMPDU Secretary-General Davji Atellah said.

“The union will not tolerate any compromise in the security of our doctors and medical interns,” he added.

Enigma Unraveled: Tragic Fate of Nakuru Doctor, Laban Kiptoo, Slain Inside Hospital