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HomeNewsEDF UK Profits Soar to £1.12B Amidst Consumer Energy Bill Struggles

EDF UK Profits Soar to £1.12B Amidst Consumer Energy Bill Struggles

EDF UK Profits Soar to £1.12B Amidst Consumer Energy Bill Struggles

Due to the rising cost of energy, this is a massive increase compared to the underlying profit loss of £21 million in 2021, but the French company as a whole made enormous losses.

Last year, EDF Energy’s UK profits reached £1.12 billion even though millions of Britons struggle to heat their homes.

This is a significant increase compared to the £21 million loss in 2021, due to the rising cost of energy.

However, the French company as a whole suffered enormous losses in 2022, with an underlying loss of £4.44 billion attributable to low nuclear output.

EDF also reported that its UK subsidiary lost more than £200 million because the cost of purchasing energy exceeded the price cap.

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EDF has approximately five million customers in the United Kingdom and is the most recent major provider to report record profits in recent weeks.

It comes at a time when energy costs are expected to rise again, placing additional strain on struggling households.

In April, the Energy Price Guarantee will increase from an average of £2,500 per year to £3,000 per year.

These numbers are used to illustrate typical energy consumption, so your bill could be higher or lower.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, energy costs have skyrocketed in recent months.

The chairman and chief executive officer of EDF, Luc Rémont, stated: “The results of 2022 were significantly impacted by the decline in our electricity production, as well as by exceptional regulatory measures introduced in France in response to challenging market conditions.

“Despite all obstacles, EDF prioritized service and support for all of its residential and commercial customers and made every effort to ensure the best availability of its generation fleet during the winter season.

All of the Group’s employees deserve praise for their commitment and tenacity in a challenging environment.

Its announcement this morning follows yesterday’s confirmation by Centrica, the owner of British Gas, that its operating profits reached £3.3 billion last year.

Shell announced profits of £ 32.2 billion ($ 39.9 billion) for the previous year, while BP reported profits of $ 27.7 billion (£23 billion).

Chevron reported record annual earnings of £28.6 billion, whereas ExxonMobil reported annual earnings of £45.2 billion.