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Easter’s Blessing Turns Tragic: Family Loses Six in Heart-Wrenching Crash at Salama, Recalls Emotional Prayer Before Accident

Easter’s Blessing Turns Tragic: Family Loses Six in Heart-Wrenching Crash at Salama, Recalls Emotional Prayer Before Accident

The Easter festivities for the Ng’ang’as concluded tragically.

The family is currently struggling to cope with the unexpected tragedy of losing six members in a car crash on the Mombasa-Nairobi highway in Salama on Monday night.

Mr. Joseph Ng’ang’a, still overwhelmed by the surprise, remembered the instance when his older brother, Rev Francis Mwangi, offered a prayer before they embarked on their journey home.

The family had no idea that it would be their last goodbye.

On Thursday, the large family set out from Nakuru to Mombasa for the Easter weekend.

They arrived the following morning.

According to Mr Ng’ang’a, the family spent Easter catching up.

He mentioned that the weekend was unique, filled with laughter and joy as family members reminisced about their childhood.

They held their yearly family gathering on Saturday, which they started organizing as early as December of the previous year.

The next day, both the young and elderly members of the family headed to the beach, relishing in the sunshine, breeze, salty waves, sandy shores, and delicious food.


Mr. Ng’ang’a remarked that his brother’s prayer before the family’s departure was remarkably heartfelt.

“I had never seen him shed tears until that day as he prayed. I am still surprised,” Mr Ng’ang’a told the Daily Nation at his home in Pipeline estate, Nakuru City, on Wednesday.

He mentioned that before embarking on the trip back to Nakuru with his spouse and six children in their vehicle, he arranged transportation for the other relatives who planned to return home via public transportation.

The original arrangement involved certain individuals waiting for a bus typically departing from Nakuru to Mombasa at 5 pm.

Francis Mwangi.

However, they reached a consensus to avoid waiting and instead opt to travel together as a group by boarding a matatu.

Unfortunately, the car was engaged in an accident with multiple other vehicles in Salama, Makueni County, at approximately 8:30 pm.

Esther Nyambura.

The crash resulted in the deaths of six relatives, leaving several others wounded, with some in critical condition.

The individuals who lost their lives in the accident included Reverend Mwangi, aged 61, Irene Wangombe, sister-in-law of Mr. Ng’ang’a, aged 37, Joyce Wairimu, daughter of Mrs. Wang’ombe, and her son Lemy Macharia, aged 12.

Lemmy Macharia.

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“I received a call near St Mary’s Hospital, Gilgil. I had to ensure the family members in the car I was driving arrived home safely. I then began another journey to Makindu,” Mr Ng’ang’a said. 

“Seeing the bodies was painful. The injured had already been taken to hospital. I appeal to Kenyans to help us give them a proper sendoff.”

Mr. Nga’ng’a’s nieces, Esther Nyambura, aged 12, and Esther Wanjiru Macharia, a fourth-grade student, also perished in the accident.

Joyce Wairimu, 2, who perished in the Salama accident.

His siblings, Shadrack Mbao, aged 40, and Samwel Macharia, aged 35, both working as prison wardens, managed to survive and have been relocated to Eldoret for specialized medical care.

Additional survivors included Mr. Ng’ang’a’s nephews Samwel Macharia, aged 24, James Karanja, as well as his seven-year-old niece Joyce Muthoni.

Esther Wanjiru.

Muthoni is currently in the intensive care unit (ICU), while Mr. Macharia is receiving treatment at a hospital in Nairobi. Daniel Waciuri, aged 45, along with Mr. Karanja, are currently hospitalized in Nakuru.

Diana, the wife of Mr. Ng’ang’a, mentioned that their family typically gathers during Easter and the December vacation periods.

She mentioned that Mombasa had been selected as the location for the upcoming family gathering during a meeting held last December.

Irene Wang’ombe, 37, who perished in the Salama road crash on Monday.

Mrs. Ng’ang’a mentioned that they journeyed as a group of 18 individuals from Nakuru, utilizing a combination of public and private transportation methods.

They met the rest of the relatives from other counties in Mombasa. 

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“We have never had such a good time as a family. The host was great. We laughed, we took photos and videos,” she said. 

Mrs. Ng’ang’a expressed that despite the sorrowful event, the remaining members of the family take comfort in cherishing the valuable memories shared with their dear ones.

“When we were on the beach, I requested Nyambura to watch one of my grandchildren and she agreed,” she said. 

“True to her word, they were together all the time. As we mourn the huge family loss and pray for the quick recovery of those injured, we still hold onto the belief that love endures, transcending even the darkest of times.”

The six bodies have been moved to Umash Funeral Home in Nakuru City.

Easter’s Blessing Turns Tragic: Family Loses Six in Heart-Wrenching Crash at Salama, Recalls Emotional Prayer Before Accident