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HomeNewsDrama: Businesswoman charged after trying to run over boyfriend’s wife

Drama: Businesswoman charged after trying to run over boyfriend’s wife

Drama: Businesswoman charged after trying to run over boyfriend’s wife

A female entrepreneur accused of attempting to hit her boyfriend’s spouse with a vehicle amidst a dispute involving the man and their shared residence now faces charges of attempted murder.

Nduta Wangai, aged 36, is alleged to have attempted to murder Rebecca Ngumi by trying to hit her with a car on January 5, 2024.

It is claimed that she struck the complainant and tried to drive over them at Ridgeways Estate in Starehe Sub-county, Nairobi.

Wangai is also confronted with an extra allegation of intentionally causing harm to property. This accusation involves her purportedly causing damage valued at Sh1 million to Ngumi’s property, including the gate, garage wall, and Mercedes Benz.

Ngumi was getting ready for work when the sound of someone approaching her gate caught her attention. She asked her domestic assistant to investigate, and the assistant discovered that Wangai was at the gate.

Wangai informed the housemaid that she had arrived to talk to Ngumi’s spouse, and the housemaid went back inside and relayed the message to her employer.

Ngumi notified her spouse and together they proceeded to the gate. While her husband stepped out to engage with the suspect, an argument ensued, leading to her driving her car into the gate.

The person filing the complaint started running to protect themselves, but reportedly, the suspect drove directly towards her before she found shelter. Additionally, the suspect purportedly sprayed a substance, believed to be acid, on the complainant.

Wangai purportedly attempted to strike Ngumi multiple times by reversing, inadvertently causing damage to Ngumi’s vehicle while the complainant sought cover.

Ngumi called the police during the incident, and officers responded.


The accused reportedly threatened to murder the person filing the complaint during the event and tried multiple times to drive a vehicle into her before Ngumi sought refuge behind items on her property. However, Wangai escaped from the area upon discovering that the police had been notified.

Detective Constable Erastus Matuanga from the Starehe DCI’s office had submitted a sworn statement against granting bail to the suspect, yet it was not presented in the courtroom.

In the affidavit, Matuanga said investigations had revealed that there was a dispute over the house where Ngumi lives with her husband.

“The accused (Wangai) claims to have contributed to its purchase through the complainant’s (Ngumi’s) husband and instead of seeking legal remedy to solve the matter, decided to use violent ways to claim the same and it is feared that once released on bond, she will pursue the claim through the same means which may even lead to murder,” Matuanga said in the affidavit.

The detective added that the investigation team is yet to record statements from some key witnesses due to their work commitments.

Wangai denied the charges before Senior Principal Magistrate Helen Okwani at the Makadara Law Courts and pleaded for lenient bail and bond conditions. She said she is a mother of four children, the youngest being seven years old.

She was released on a bond of Sh1 million without the option of a cash bail.

The case will be mentioned on April 9 before the hearing starts on July 4.

Ngumi’s husband is listed as a witness in the case.

Drama: Businesswoman charged after trying to run over boyfriend’s wife