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HomeNewsDrama as Woman Interrupts Ruto's Speech at Kiptum's Burial Service(Video)

Drama as Woman Interrupts Ruto’s Speech at Kiptum’s Burial Service(Video)

Drama as Woman Interrupts Ruto’s Speech at Kiptum’s Burial Service

There was drama during the burial of marathoner Kelvin Kiptum after a woman caused an interruption.

The woman who is yet to be identified caused drama just when President William Ruto was speaking.

This forced the President to pause his speech to intervene.

In the video, the woman, who might have tried to access the President was however restrained by security and whisked away.

The President tried to tell them to leave her alone and allow her to sit down.

“Wachana na yeye, wacha tu aketi hapa, pelekeni yeye aketi hapa, keti hapo,” the President said pointing at the preferred spot where he wished the woman to sit.

The woman however seemed to be overpowering the two officers who were directing her as per the President’s directive.

This forced more officers to come in and whisk her behind the tent.

It is unclear what her motive was or what happened thereafter.

After the brief interruption, the President continued with his speech.

Ruto described World Marathon record holder Kiptum as an ambitious and resilient person.

The President said that despite him coming from a humble background, Kiptum never let his guard down.


Ruto added that Kiptum was an ambitious, disciplined, and focused athlete.

“Today’s World Record has Kiptum’s name and it is because he was selfless and had no reasons not to succeed then he had to succeed but he worked against the odds,” the President said.

Ruto called on Kenyan athletes participating in the coming Paris Olympics, to make it an Olympic of departed World Marathon record holder Kiptum.

Ruto urged Kenyan athletes to put their best foot forward, adding that this is the Olympics that will define who Kelvin Kiptum was.

“Kelvin had just joined the many heroes we have. The great ambassadors, our sportsmen, and women that keep Kenya on the world map. We had hope and faith that he would keep Kenya on that map even in the coming Olympics,” Ruto said.

“But since we have you our athletes, Paris is going to be the Olympics that is going to define this man Kelvin. We want you to make Paris and Olympics of Kelvin Kiptum.” 

Kiptum died early this month in a road accident, alongside his Rwandese coach Gervais Hakizimana.

Hakizimana was laid to rest at Rusororo cemetery in Rwanda on Wednesday.

Drama as Woman Interrupts Ruto’s Speech at Kiptum’s Burial Service