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HomeNewsDesperate Downfall: The Tragic End of George Pattison

Desperate Downfall: The Tragic End of George Pattison

Desperate Downfall: The Tragic End of George Pattison

The husband of a prominent private school principal is suspected of murdering his wife and daughter. He had a failed wine business.

Police believe 39-year-old George Pattison murdered 45-year-old headmistress Emma and 5-year-old Lettie late Saturday night before committing suicide.

Now it has been revealed that before the failure of his import business, he wrote that he was “desperate to do something better with his days.”

The Telegraph reports that George, a chartered accountant, founded consulting firm Tanglewood in 2016 and obtained a £14,000 director’s loan in 2021.

During his presentation to a wine import company, he described himself as “a career accountant desperate to do something better with his days.”

He stated that he had worked in multiple industries, including corporate finance, investment management, and financial consulting.

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According to sources, George had no criminal record and was not on the radar of Surrey Police.

His only previous encounter with the police was in 2016 when he accused his wife of assaulting him.

He reportedly reported her for hitting him during a domestic altercation.

The Times reports that he later withdrew his claims, stating that the matter was trivial.

George was also in contact with officers just days before the murders, but according to the police, it was for a “routine” change of address on his gun license.

It is assumed that he had moved into the family home at Epsom College.

Due to the short time between the license renewal and the possible murder-suicide, the Independent Office of Police Conduct has been notified (IOPC).

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Detective Chief Inspector Kimball Edey, the case’s Chief Investigating Officer, stated: “This is an extremely traumatic incident, and we are working around the clock to investigate and comprehend the precise circumstances that led to it.

“We recognize the public’s concern and outrage, and we will clarify what we can when we can while respecting the right to privacy of the families of the deceased.

“We are fully cooperating with the IOPC in regards to the referral we have made and are awaiting the outcome of its evaluation to determine if further action is necessary.”