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HomeNewsCharles evicts Meghan and Harry after Camilla book attacks

Charles evicts Meghan and Harry after Camilla book attacks

Charles evicts Meghan and Harry after Camilla book attacks

According to sources, King Charles III was incensed by Prince Harry’s accusations, including his claim that the Queen Consort was responsible for leaking information to the press.

After learning of the Duke’s criticism of stepmother Camilla, King Charles decided to seize Harry and Meghan’s British residence.

The monarch reportedly believed that his son had “crossed a line.”

According to sources, the King was outraged by a series of Harry’s accusations, including his claim that Camilla leaked information to the press.

In TV interviews promoting his memoir Spare, the Duke also referred to the Queen Consort as “the villain.”

After receiving a dossier of findings from aides revealing details from the explosive book, Charles took swift action.

The day after the memoir was published, he initiated the eviction process from the five-bedroom Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor estate on January 11.

According to royal insiders, the revelations have irreparably harmed Prince Harry’s relationship with his father and brother, Prince William. Harry expressed his concern that Camilla would become a “wicked stepmother.”

The Prince stated that he and his brother William begged their father not to marry her.

The Duke of Sussex admitted he only desired Camilla’s happiness so she would be less “dangerous.”

In a television interview, Harry stated, “She was the antagonist. She was the third member of their union. She needed to repair her reputation.”

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According to royal sources, the King was offended by the allegation that Camilla had plotted to marry him.

Harry stated in the book, “Shortly after our private meetings with her, she began to formulate her long-term strategy, a campaign aimed at marriage and… the Crown (with our father’s blessing, we presumed).”

He added, “Stories began to appear in all the newspapers about her conversations with Willy, recounting numerous minute details, but none of them originated from my brother.”

According to an insider, this was the final straw. Harry was well aware that his father’s disapproval of his relationship with Camilla would be a red line, but he crossed it anyway.

“There was no doubt in the King’s mind that it crossed a line; it was the ultimate display of disdain.” After offering the residence to disgraced Prince Andrew, the King has given Harry and Meghan until the end of May to remove their belongings from Frogmore Cottage.

However, the Duke of York refuses to move from his lavish 30-bedroom Royal Lodge in the shadow of Windsor Castle, despite the King’s insistence on budget cuts to royal finances that would leave Andrew, 63, unable to pay for the maintenance of the mansion.

According to sources close to the Duke, he will “dig in his heels.”

After moving to the United States in 2020, Harry and Meghan stated that Frogmore Cottage would serve as their base when they visited the United Kingdom.

In that same year, a spokesman announced that the couple had repaid the £2.4 million in taxpayer funds that had been used to renovate their residence while they were active members of the Royal Family.

Insiders are “stunned” by the King’s decision to evict them, and the likelihood that the Sussexes will attend the Coronation has “dramatically changed.”