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HomeNewsChanged Protocols: Inside Ruto’s Unplanned Visit to Homa Bay

Changed Protocols: Inside Ruto’s Unplanned Visit to Homa Bay

Changed Protocols: Inside Ruto’s Unplanned Visit to Homa Bay

On Tuesday, President William Ruto did not have any intentions to visit Homa Bay County.

However, he reconsidered his decision and journeyed to the county in response to Governor Gladys Wanga’s invitations.

The leader mentioned that he had a hectic agenda throughout the day and shouldn’t have been present in the county by the lakeside.

The leader mentioned that despite having a hectic daytime agenda, he shouldn’t have been present at the lakeside county. However, influenced by Governor Wanga’s appeals, he opted to journey to Homa Bay, where he stayed for a brief period of under two hours before departing.

“When she realized I was not coming, she started calling everyone around me,” the president said.

He continued, “It is very difficult to resist Wanga. I had nowhere to hide”.

Ms. Wanga disclosed that the President needed to spend an hour in Homa Bay.

Dr. Ruto participated in the second International Investment Conference held at Tom Mboya University in the county.

The President visited Uganda the day prior, engaging with his counterpart Yoweri Museveni, and meeting with Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio la Umoja.

After coming back to the nation, the leader of the country had planned to engage in various tasks.

However, a visit to Homa Bay was not part of his plans.

However, he journeyed to the county with the stipulation that he complete the trip in the briefest timeframe possible.

Due to his hectic agenda, certain leaders, such as Siaya Governor James Orengo, were unable to address the audience before the president during the conference.

It seems that the visit was hastily arranged, judging by appearances. Dr. Ruto’s unexpected presence at Tom Mboya University was out of the ordinary.


He was transported in a white Toyota Prado with a regular license plate. This occurred following his arrival at Kabunde airstrip, where Governor Wanga welcomed him.

The standard practice for the President is to utilize a vehicle that features the official coat of arms in the designated area intended for the license plate.

The security team, which typically includes the General Service Unit, was not present at the university.

Instead, security was provided by the regular police.

In his address, he utilized a microphone typically designated for Ms. Wanga.

“I am sorry to be here for such a short time. But I will be back,” said the President.

This was President Ruto’s fifth visit to the country.

He mentioned his intention to come back to Homa Bay and initiate several developmental initiatives.

The President highlighted that Homa Bay County serves as a prime illustration of how forward-thinking and efficient leadership can go beyond current political considerations, working towards the generation and enlargement of economic prospects for the residents.

He said under Governor Wanga, Homa Bay has emerged as an attractive investment destination with diverse value chains – from tourism and hospitality, the blue economy, housing to ICT – that can transform the county’s fortunes,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

He further mentioned that the central government is dedicated to progressing and enhancing its assistance to the decentralized entities, enabling them to capitalize on the substantial investment opportunities available to them.

“I will be back next year for the Mashujaa Day celebrations,” said President Ruto.

Upon Dr. Ruto’s departure from Homa Bay via Kabunde airstrip, Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio la Umoja, promptly arrived on a chartered flight and was welcomed by Ms. Wanga.

Changed Protocols: Inside Ruto’s Unplanned Visit to Homa Bay