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‘Can You Read…I’m Well Schooled’: Shollei Clashes With Onyonka Over Affordable Housing Scheme(Video)

‘Can You Read…I’m Well Schooled’: Shollei Clashes With Onyonka Over Affordable Housing Scheme

National Assembly Deputy Speaker Gladys Boss Shollei and Kisii Senator Richard Onyonka clashed verbally on Monday while discussing the unclear Affordable Housing project being carried out by the government.

The pair, featured on Citizen TV, clashed as they appeared to have conflicting views on the approach being employed to accomplish the ambitious yet controversial project.

The temperature of the microphones rose as Onyonka raised concerns about the lack of transparency regarding the government’s utilization of mandatory deductions, particularly from Kenyan individuals who won’t benefit from the constructed units.

“What if you don’t want that house, who takes it? This is a free market economy. Why are you forcing me to give deductions which you are going to take of my money which you are going to build a house for me, then you force me to buy,” Onyonka said.

He had barely continued to table his argument when Shollei interjected midway saying “Okay first of all” and Onyonka, squinting his face and clasping his hands, pleaded with her to allow him to finish his statement.

“No madam Shollei please. These are things our voters ask. Allow me to ask you so that you answer my voters. We are not disagreeing we just want there to be clarity,” he said.

“We are not disagreeing that affordable housing should never happen in this country…can we please do it properly.”

The Senator suggested that to effectively manage the project without upsetting the Kenyan population, the government should explore improved methods to assist individuals below the poverty threshold in making payments once they obtain affordable housing units.

He contended that the government has the option to prolong the duration for families to repay their debts. Specifically, he suggested that, rather than the established 30 years, it could be extended to a period of 50 years.

“Why don’t you come up with a strategy which is going to make these houses affordable to this bodaboda person you want to help and all you do is extend the period on which this family can pay for that loan,” Onyonka opined.

Shollei promptly responded to Onyonka’s remark, challenging him to confirm whether he had thoroughly examined the documents detailing the operational framework that the project intends to follow.


“I don’t think you have looked at the documentation and the fact sheets because you’d have seen that it’s according to your age even in some cases you can transfer to your beneficiaries to continue with the payment. So what you are suggesting is already there,” she said.

Onyonka replied: “We are together, what I am saying is to make it clear I don’t have to come to TV to discuss that.” 

Shollei fired back saying: “Because you know it why don’t you make it clear to the public.” 

Onyonka: “I am not the one managing the affordable housing its the KK government policy. What I am saying is I cannot support a policy that doesn’t have clarity. I don’t know who owns the land, who is going to buy the houses, where they are going to be.”

The toe to toe engagement seemed to have pushed Shollei to the edge which made her say: “But you can read right? Are you able to read? Are you able to google documentation?” 

Onyonka, now vexed, said: “Speaker now you are saying that because you are trying to hit at me. You know I’m very well schooled, I’m highly schooled and that is why we interrogate these things that the KK government is doing.”

“We are not disagreeing with the government we are saying please make it clear. Tell us what you are doing and we will support it.”

The government has faced scrutiny for its lack of transparency regarding the project, resulting in legal actions that have halted the implementation of the Housing Levy collection.

President William Ruto has confidently stated that the imposition of the levy will persist, and his administration remains steadfast in advancing the project, considering it a crucial element of his development agenda.

‘Can You Read…I’m Well Schooled’: Shollei Clashes With Onyonka Over Affordable Housing Scheme