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“Bring my Gun”: Female Tenant Threatens to Shoot Building Manager in Front of Police(Video)

“Bring my Gun”: Female Tenant Threatens to Shoot Building Manager in Front of Police

A video that has gone viral depicts a woman renting a property engaging in a heated argument with a property manager and other staff, sparking discussions among Kenyan citizens.

The woman, appearing upset, warned the property manager that she might use a firearm because she believed he hadn’t properly ensured the functionality and top-notch quality of the CCTV cameras installed in the building.

As shown in the video, the building manager was seen attempting to convince the female tenant to relax, but she remained unresponsive to his efforts.

The woman was observed harassing the manager in another location within the same building, and this time, a police officer was present.

Despite the law enforcement officer’s presence, the furious woman persisted in threatening to shoot both the building manager and anyone else in the vicinity. She also asserted that she possessed a firearm and was proficient in its use.

In addition to brandishing her firearm, she also made a threat to physically harm the property manager.

“Do you know who I am, let me tell you, you don’t know who you are messing with. Put cameras that work,” the lady stated.


Nevertheless, the male property manager stayed composed and brushed off the lady’s efforts to intimidate him.

During the unfolding of the episode, the woman angrily confronted an individual who was capturing the incident on video. In her frustration, the resident directed her displeasure, compelling him to abruptly stop recording.

On both occasions, she accompanied her children, who were likewise charged with disrespecting the property manager. Despite the manager objecting to the children’s insults, the woman dismissively downplayed the issue, asserting that her children were justified.

The woman then inquired about the reason behind the manager’s lack of respect in the presence of her children.

To calm the situation, the officer was observed entering the woman’s car.

Following the widespread circulation of the video, Kenyans expressed disapproval of her actions. Many censured her for mistreating the building manager and for setting a negative precedent for her children.

She is reportedly being held at the police station.

“Bring my Gun”: Female Tenant Threatens to Shoot Building Manager in Front of Police