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Azimio Lawmakers Outshine UDA Counterparts in Latest Report

Azimio Lawmakers Outshine UDA Counterparts in Latest Report

A new publication from Timely Kenya, published on Tuesday, April 1, pointed out that appointed Members of Parliament linked with the Azimio La Umoja Coalition have shown superior performance compared to their colleagues in the Kenya Kwanza Alliance, especially in the National Assembly, although there was an equal performance noted in the Senate.

The results of the survey carried out from 2023 to March 2024, underscored the effectiveness of designated opposition legislators, even in the face of numerical deficits in both the National Assembly and the Senate.

The report indicates that Azimio MPs received a rating of 61%, whereas their counterparts from Kenya Kwanza achieved a 39% rating in the National Assembly.

John Mbadi, the ex-Minority Leader, along with Irene Mayaka, Dorothy Muthoni, Jackson Kosgei, Umulkher Harun, Sabina Chege, and Suleka Hulbale, were recognized as standout performers, with Mbadi taking the lead with 52 percent.

The pollster credited Chege and Mbadi’s achievements to their pivotal involvement in championing important legislation like the Cancer Prevention Bill 2023 and the Public Finance Management Act 2023.

Additionally, the report emphasized the valuable contributions made by Nominated MPs Mayaka, Muthoni, and Kosgei. They were praised for their sponsorship of statements and motions in the House, which further enhanced their performance evaluations.

The Senate witnessed an equal performance rating between nominated senators representing different factions, resulting in a deadlock.


Significantly, among the nominated senators who performed exceptionally well in the survey were Hamida Kibwana, Tabitha Mutinda, Gloria Orwoba, Beth Syengo, Essy Okenyuri, Catherine Mumma, Miraj Abdulrahaman, and Crystal Asige.

Conversely, Raphael Chimera, Beatrice Oyomo, Margret Kamar, George Mbugua, Hezena Lemaletian, and Joyce Korir received low rankings in the survey conducted among senators.

The report also highlighted the significant legislative proposals put forward by the nominated senators, emphasizing their dedication to tackling pressing national issues.

Mentions were made of bills like the E-Health Bill 2023, Labour Migration and Management Bill 2023, Digital Literacy Opportunities Bill 2024, and the Maternal Bill 2023, among several others.

Throughout the assessment period, appointed Members of Parliament showcased their legislative capabilities by submitting a combined total of 31 statements, 21 motions, 9 petitions, and 5 bills to the legislative body.

Likewise, within the Senate, appointed Senators demonstrated their dedication to legislative duties through the issuance of 287 statements, initiation of 88 motions, submission of 19 petitions, and introduction of 11 bills.

Azimio Lawmakers Outshine UDA Counterparts in Latest Report