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HomeNewsArati rejects Machogu mediation as bishop warns against violence

Arati rejects Machogu mediation as bishop warns against violence

Arati rejects Machogu mediation as bishop warns against violence

According to the spokesperson from the State House, President Ruto is actively improving Kenya’s economy, and Kenyans need to exercise patience during this process.

On Friday, Machogu organized discussions aimed at reconciling Arati with his political rival, South Mugirango MP Silvanus Osoro, in response to a series of violent incidents.

The Chief Secretary (CS) has arranged a meeting for this month, inviting Bishop Mairura and three other clergy members to assist in mediation. This comes at a time when Arati has expressed concerns about his safety.

The governor had asserted earlier that he was the subject of state-sponsored assaults, citing a series of events such as confrontations involving boda boda riders, disturbances at a funeral in Nyakembene, and violence at Nduru hospital.

At a certain point, GSU officers carrying weapons entered the offices of the Gusii stadium’s governor and conducted a sit-in, purportedly for relaxation. Arati claimed that there was a planned raid on his residences.

On Saturday, a tough-talking Arati warned that he would not attend a meeting “whose mediator is both a referee and a player” in the raging political standoff in Kisii.

”I have no problem attending a meeting to find peace, but I will not attend one convened by players in the same conflict, that is unacceptable,” Arati said during mass at Nyansakia Catholic Church.

”He can’t become a player and a referee at the same time. Mr CS must come with clean hands.”

The governor, whose backers are recovering from gunshot injuries following a tumultuous incident at Osoro’s South Mugirango stronghold, stated that the purported peace negotiations lack sincerity.

”Machogu as an elder should be at the forefront of preaching peace and must condemn all the forms of violence that have been meted on me and my supporters over the last months before purporting to convene reconciliatory talks,” he said.

“He has never said anything about the violence that has occurred in the past including attempts on my life.”

Simultaneously, Bishop Mairura urged a cessation of all types of violence while expressing gratitude to Arati for his commendable efforts.

Mairura has received an invitation from Machogu to join discussions on Wednesday, along with Leonard Aencha, the president of the SDA South Kenya Conference, and Moses Anyega, the overseer of PAG.

The bishop commended the governor for effectively supporting the impoverished and aiding those residing beneath the poverty threshold in the community.

“So far, the governor has done very well in assisting our people, let nobody touch him,” he said.

In his letter to Arati and Osoro, Machogu on Friday described the political events in Kisii as “perturbing and disturbing” and already denting the image of the region.

“To get to the bottom of the matter, it has decided that consultations be initiated among the leaders to find a solution to this unacceptable situation that threatens to soil the good name of our otherwise peaceful region,” he said in the letter dated January 12.

“The meeting is critical and has been convened in good faith to understand the root cause of the problems that have led to violence and find solutions so that we can avoid bloodshed,” he said.

“I have nothing to do with what is happening and that is why I am keen for all of us to sit down and understand what the problem is.”

Solicitor General Shadrack Mose was also invited to the meeting.


Machogu’s decision to step in and address the ongoing conflict quickly followed the disturbance observed during the governor’s rally in South Mugirango last Monday.

In the course of the event, gunfire erupted when Osoro forcefully entered Arati’s gathering, demanding the return of speakers that were reportedly taken from his team.

Arati has cautioned those who criticize him, stating that he may find it necessary to protect himself, and emphasizing that his formidable presence still resonates like the roar of a lion.

The former Member of Parliament cautioned individuals aiming at him not to mistake a drenched lion for a mere cat.

“They are asking if I am Simba, the true lion, even if I have been rained on, I remain a lion,” he said.

On his X platform, Osoro asserted that he is the Gusii leopard and prepared for whatever comes his way.

“Do not swallow the bait offered by the enemy. Do not interfere with an army that is returning home,” his X post read.

On Friday, Edwin Sifuna, the secretary general of ODM, expressed the party’s worry about Governor Arati’s safety, emphasizing that there were serious concerns for his life.

“The ODM party wishes to express serious concern about the life and safety of Kisii Governor Simba Arati following repeated violent attacks in broad daylight,” he said.

“We take note of the loud silence of the CS in charge of national security and the inspector general of police. It is this silence, coupled with the fact that no action has been taken.”

Arati rejects Machogu mediation as bishop warns against violence