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HomeNewsAnxiety As KNEC Pressured To Recall All 2023 KCSE Results

Anxiety As KNEC Pressured To Recall All 2023 KCSE Results

Anxiety As KNEC Pressured To Recall All 2023 KCSE Results

The Linda Jamii group, headed by Prof Fred Ogola, is advocating for the recall of all 2023 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) outcomes due to reported irregularities in the moderation process.

Speaking to the press on Tuesday, Ogola claimed that the adjustments made in the 2023 outcomes were aimed at reducing government spending on university funding.

As per the group’s statement, the government aimed to reach a specific goal regarding the number of students advancing to higher education levels to reduce university funding by Ksh67 billion.

Thus, only 201,133 students got the entry mean grade of C+.

Professor Fred Ogola during a signature collection exercise at Bomas Kenya on November 28, 2022.

Moreover, the team also expressed curiosity regarding the concerning rise in the number of students achieving Grade E. In the 2023 exams, 48,174 students were attaining an E grade, marking a 56 percent surge compared to the 30,822 students from the previous year.

“Has the government explained why there was a delay in releasing these results? They were supposed to be released last year. It is because when the results came out, the students performed very well that they took these results to be moderated at State House.

“Out of the Ksh128 billion shillings allocated to fund higher education, by making students fail, 52.4 percent failure means that they are going to save Ksh67.8 billion,” he stated.


Although the government has not yet addressed the assertions presented by the advocacy group, Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu acknowledged that the 2023 outcomes were determined using a fresh grading method centered on students’ strongest subjects.

He mentioned that the grading system would be advantageous for students, offering numerous career prospects for the candidates.

“The new reform measure will allow a larger number of students to pursue courses of their choice at the universities, Diploma and TVET training at Certificate and Artisan levels than was previously when the grading was more restrictive,” he stated.

Nevertheless, the CS also showed worry regarding the quantity of candidates obtaining grade E and urged education stakeholders to look into this issue.

At the same time, several students have expressed dissatisfaction with the 2023 exam outcomes, highlighting irregularities in the grading process. Specifically, pupils from Oruba Boys in Migori County urged the examination board to reevaluate their papers as most of them received D grades.

The KNEC faced allegations of issuing results containing mistakes when certain students, upon downloading their slips several times, found discrepancies in the grades they received.

KNEC has yet to address the concerns or give a way forward.

A photo of different results of the same school on the KNEC portal

Anxiety As KNEC Pressured To Recall All 2023 KCSE Results