HomeNewsAirbnb issues statement after Starlet Wahu’s gruesome murder

Airbnb issues statement after Starlet Wahu’s gruesome murder

Airbnb issues statement after Starlet Wahu’s gruesome murder

Airbnb, an internet platform linking individuals seeking accommodation with those offering rental properties, has addressed the tragic event involving the murder of Starlet Wahu.

The company separated itself from the incidents that occurred on January 3, following widespread coverage in headlines detailing the story.

An Airbnb representative informed the writer that the specific residence wasn’t reserved through Airbnb, and the individual in question, John Matara, isn’t registered on their platform.

The company clarified that frequently, people use the term Airbnb broadly to refer to the whole booking sector, even if the property is listed on different platforms.

“We are deeply saddened to learn of this shocking event, but it is important to make clear that this is not connected to Airbnb in any way.

“The property in question did not have a reservation booked on Airbnb for the dates reported, and we do not have an account registered to the name of the accused. Our thoughts are with the victim’s loved ones during this unimaginably difficult time,” the company said.

Although the advent of online lodging reservations has transformed the travel and hospitality sectors by offering a wide range of accommodation choices throughout Kenya, there are crucial factors that people should consider before selecting a temporary or extended place to stay.

There are red flags that travelers should consider before making a booking.


These include varied standards, limited on-site assistance, varied house rules, last-minute cancellations, potential risks, additional charges, limited guest safety monitoring, limited public transit, and parking, emergency exits and procedures, and neighborhood safety.

Numerous accommodations, spanning from typical home rooms to distinctive and unusual properties, don’t have uniform rating systems, causing differences in anticipated experiences.

Moreover, although online platforms for booking accommodations are proficient at offering autonomy and seclusion, the drawback lies in the possible absence of on-location support.

Numerous accommodations are privately owned, and in case of any problems, guests might need to communicate with hosts who are not on-site.

Every property has its distinct set of regulations regarding the house, which differ in their level of strictness and specifics. It’s essential for travelers to carefully examine these guidelines to find a suitable fit according to their preferences.

Certain properties might not have standardized emergency exits and protocols commonly seen in other commercial lodgings. Additionally, the absence of a consistently secure neighborhood can affect the overall safety of the accommodation.

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Airbnb issues statement after Starlet Wahu’s gruesome murder