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HomeNewsAiko Bett Cherono steals the Kelly Clarkson Show

Aiko Bett Cherono steals the Kelly Clarkson Show

Aiko Bett Cherono steals the Kelly Clarkson Show

Aiko Bett Cherono, 7, and her father shine on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Kelly Clarkson invited the Kenyan seven-year-old to perform on the show.

When she was hosted by American media personality Kelly Clarkson, Aiko Bett Cherono, the seven-year-old daughter of accomplished Kenyan actress, singer, and radio host Monique Angelyn Bett stole the show.

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When Aiko appeared on the Kelly Clarkson show with her father, the audience fell in love with her talent.

Aiko was cast on the show after performing a powerful cover of Lewis Capaldi’s hit “Someone You Loved” with her father, Richard.

The duo gave a rendition with Richard playing keys in the video singing in harmony with his seven-year-old daughter in a performance that saw them break the internet and attract the attention of the accomplished American TV Show host in a perfect blend of raw talent and powerful voices.

Aiko expressed her desire to pursue singing because it brings her happiness and is something she enjoys doing.

“When I grow up, I want to be a singer, doing concerts all over the world, and I hope to meet you (Kelly Clarkson) someday,” the seven-year-old explained.

His father explained that she began singing in the shower and hummed to every song they played, causing them to realize that she enjoys singing.

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“Since then, we’ve made singing normally for us. “I play, she sings, and we both practice,” Richard explained.

The American TV star, who was with Nick Jonas, extended an invitation to young Aiko.

“I’d like to invite you. I’d like for you to appear on this show. I’d appreciate it if you came to sing with me. If you ever want to sing with me in this show, let me know.” Kelly replied.

Aiko comes from a talented family who has always supported her.

Monique Angelyn Bett, her mother, is a talented singer and radio host, and actress