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African Union Set to Choose New Chairperson Today

African Union Set to Choose New Chairperson Today

A new chairperson for the African Union will be elected today by the African heads of state gathered in Addis Ababa for the 37th ordinary summit.

The ceremonial position, which has the potential to exert influence, is rotated annually among the five regions.

Comorian President Azali Assoumani, who assumed office in 2023, is poised to transfer power to a candidate hailing from North Africa.

Angola is seeking the post in 2025.

In February 2023, Assoumani, hailing from the Eastern Africa region, assumed control from Senegal’s Macky Sall as the leader in charge.

Morocco and Algeria, both recognized as significant contributors to the African Union’s funding, were in contention for the position.

A consensus or a two-thirds majority vote from member states is required to choose a candidate.

The chairperson is anticipated to serve the entire term without any breaks.


Nations that have upcoming elections are not qualified to participate.

The current officeholder presides over the semiannual summit gatherings of the assembly. And serves as the continent’s representative in multiple global forums, including G7, TICAD, FOCAC, and G20 summits.

They also play a role in addressing crises on the continent in the capacity of an experienced statesperson.

The position is distinct from that of the AU Commission.

There is a proposal to create liaison offices to avoid conflicts between the current officeholder. And the chairperson of the commission.

In the aftermath of Kenya’s post-election turmoil in 2008, AU Chairman Jakaya Kikwete played a crucial role in mediating between the conflicting factions. Ultimately leading to the establishment of a Government of National Unity.

Kikwete supported the intervention in Anjouan by deploying an African Union force to aid the Comoros central government in ousting the rebellious leader Mohamed Bacar.

African Union Set to Choose New Chairperson Today