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Reasons Your Dreams Never Come True

Reasons Your Dreams Never Come True. Try to keep track of how many times you’ve heard the phrase “No regrets, no excuses” or have even repeated it to yourself. 

I’d love to pursue my aspirations, but…but…but. How many times did you say that? You must repeat thousands of “buts” every day, don’t you? 

Each of us eventually learns to speak in this manner, saying things like, “It’s all about circumstances,” “I need these difficult times to end,” “Next Monday I’m going to,” “Tomorrow for sure…”, etc. 

You look for the reason you haven’t achieved something every time you want something that seems out of your reach. 

Why do we always seek out justifications for not pursuing our goals? 

It leads nowhere. 

Those who read this and try to twist the facts, please be patient! 

This is something that we all do. 

Eventually, frequently, or frequently. 

Everybody creates boundaries around their aspirations and desires. 

We’ve all allowed justifications to destroy our dreams. 

The so-called “knee-jerk reaction” is one of several emotions and feelings that our mind can offer us. 

Staying in the cut-and-dried zone is pleasant. 

Starting each morning with a beloved cup of the same kind of coffee is so satisfying. 

Maintaining the same lifestyle in an air-conditioned office is customary. 

Even if it appears that everything is going wrong right now, change terrifies us. 

Some people quit while others carry on. 

The greatest moment to begin and end creating excuses is right now. 

Not the day after tomorrow or whenever you would feel inspired. 

I understand that it can be difficult to acknowledge that you are merely lying to yourself. 


To yourself, be true.

Consider yourself fortunate right now, and stop using these top 5 ridiculous justifications.

Will success arrive overnight? – Probably not

Your belief that you can succeed overnight may be the biggest untruth impeding your progress. 

The list that defines your success in life includes communication, creativity, enthusiasm, comprehensive knowledge, and ideas. 

Your aspirations may soar to their highest altitudes thanks to your resolutions and self-assurance. 

“The future will never Come.” The very second you’re living this particular moment can completely alter your life. You only need to do it. 

Thanks to modern electronic tools and devices, we have more opportunities than ever before and can do tasks faster than our forebears. 

We must have faith and work hard each day to realize our dreams, but it won’t happen overnight. 

Many fortunate people have tales of their miraculous sudden success. 

Even so, keep in mind that they are extreme exceptions. 

Live your dreams now, but take it slow as you work toward your long-term objectives!

Accusing others of your mistakes

My mother frequently asks me to do things, “My BF takes too much time,” All the people around us are always our biggest justifications for not doing something. “I have so many tasks,” “My boss doesn’t allow me a chance to think about anything other than my job duties,” etc. 

Nothing could be simpler than blaming them for all of our mistakes, as well as our lack of motivation and time. 

Have you ever considered how you praise them for your accomplishments? 

Stop assigning responsibility right away. 

You will never alter your way of thinking about how someone defines the limits of your obligation. 

Think about the daily ways in which you contribute to your failures and unhappiness while you take a deep breath. 

You probably brazenly overlook the errors and ways of thinking, just like I do. 

Honey, trust me, it’s all about you, not your mother, boss, or even ex. 

No one will be able to move forward more successfully than you. 

We frequently receive lessons from life until we understand them. 

Stop the blame game and start over!

Allowing other people to decide how to proceed.

You will never benefit from this habit. 

Simply said, it may hurt and take away from your success’ joy. 


NO ONE would ever truly appreciate how valuable your work was. 

Nobody but you is aware of how challenging getting up at five in the morning to go jogging before work is. 

Nobody remembers how depressing and miserable those Saturday nights were spent studying Italian alone at home (Chinese, French, etc.). 

You ought to always keep in mind that this is your life and that you should live it as you dreamed it up. 

There are no restrictions. 

Forget the cliches and idealized depictions of a prosperous life that others have painted. 

Your life is an unfinished painting. 


You determine what needs to change and when.

Don’t be finicky, always be calm!

Yes, I am aware of how much you enjoy having things go well in your life. 

I even hazard a guess that you share my obsession with absolute excellence. 

Your socks are neatly wrapped up next to one another. 

Your wardrobe’s clothing is arranged by color. 

Therefore, whether anything is incorrect or simply not as expected your strategy gives you the jitters. 

Honey, nothing can be foreseen. 

Life is so damn fulfilling because of this. 

We never know which “dish” or how “tasty” it will be when it is served to us today. 

We must attempt to discover the truth. 

Staying in your comfort zone all the time makes life boring and robs you of the enjoyment of living. 

Even though it appears unfair and unpleasant to us, we must take advantage of every opportunity and scenario. 

Because of this, you ought to always grin even in the most absurd circumstance. 

Keep in mind that this might be your lucky opportunity to make a shift and eventually obtain what you require. 

By the way, there is nothing worse than an attractive but anxious and finicky person

I intend to consider doing it at some point, possibly.

The ideal day to start something is today. 

Today is the perfect day to make a difference. 

By saving things for later, you’ll never meet your high standards and objectives. 

Living involves acting on your desires today since it might be too late tomorrow. 

Some possibilities we are given by fate only come around once in a lifetime. 

You can’t even begin to comprehend how many chances and fantastic opportunities you’ve already missed because of your “buts,” “not today,” and “it’s not the greatest time for it.” This is why people say, “He is lucky because he was at the right time in the right location.” 

Do you believe that your dreams and reality can collide? Are you often too busy to assist them? 

Are you prepared for lower living standards simply because you once lost the opportunity? 

You’re not, I’m very sure of that. 

If you’re reading this while drinking a cappuccino and resting your laptop on your knees next to the cookie jar, please stop. 

Get up off your behind and take the first step first. 

I am aware that you decided to join a gym three months ago because you had the “office summer.” 

Have you taken any action to help it? 

Have you given your coach a call? 


It’s the lack of resources—money, time, melancholy following a typical breakup, etc. 

Please add it to your life’s blacklist. 

You’ll arrive earlier the earlier you begin, the better outcome. 

A brand-new day has already arrived. 

You’ll receive Viber messages from new acquaintances. 

Everything is subject to change, and so should you!