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HomeNews24-Yr-Old Starlet Wahu Found Dead Inside Nairobi Airbnb Apartment(Video)

24-Yr-Old Starlet Wahu Found Dead Inside Nairobi Airbnb Apartment(Video)

24-Yr-Old Starlet Wahu Found Dead Inside Nairobi Airbnb Apartment

Law enforcement officers from the Industrial Area Police Station apprehended a middle-aged individual believed to be responsible for the death of a 24-year-old woman at a South B Airbnb apartment in Nairobi.

Video from a CCTV camera, observed by PoliticalPulseChat, revealed that the individual was with social media influencer Starlet Wahu on the evening when the crime occurred.

Wahu, wearing a brief red dress, strolled beside the man from the elevator to enter the apartment.

The next day, law enforcement received an urgent call from the property’s manager reporting a homicide that had taken place in one of the apartments.

Upon the police’s arrival at the apartment, they discovered the residence had been secured from the exterior, leading them to forcibly open the locks to enter.

At this point, they found the motionless corpse of the young woman, resting in a pool of blood within the sitting room space.

“We found the woman had bled to death. The victim suffered a quick death,” Judith Nyongesa, the police commander in Makadara, informed the press. 

The authorities determined that the victim had bruises and stab wounds on their thighs. Law enforcement officers suspect that Wahu may have tried to get assistance by exiting the residence but tragically passed away just a short distance from the door.

The authorities swiftly established a perimeter around the location while commencing inquiries into the reason behind the individual’s demise.


Initial inquiries indicated that the pair had leased the apartment for an evening of entertainment.

Items found at the location included an HIV testing kit indicating negative results, indicating that both people had previously been tested for HIV.

Additional objects found comprised utilized condoms, the attire of the victim, a cell phone, alcoholic beverages, and a knife suspected to be the weapon used in the murder.

“The case is still ongoing. We want to find out the motive behind the gruesome murder,” Commander Nyongesa added.

Investigators successfully followed the suspect’s mobile phone signal to a nearby hospital in Nairobi, where they discovered him receiving medical care for a stab injury.

The individual in question has been apprehended by authorities while they work to determine the reason behind the horrific homicide.

24-Yr-Old Starlet Wahu Found Dead Inside Nairobi Airbnb Apartment