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HomeNews2 New Passport Printing Machines to Arrive in 21 Days

2 New Passport Printing Machines to Arrive in 21 Days

2 New Passport Printing Machines to Arrive in 21 Days

The government set February 29 as the cutoff date for the two new passport printing machines to be delivered.

According to a statement released by Isaac Mwaura, the Government’s Spokesperson, the machines have been purchased and are anticipated to be delivered by the month’s end.

Additionally, he encouraged the people of Kenya to retrieve the 70,000 passports that are still awaiting collection at the Immigration offices.

He proceeded to reassure the people of Kenya that an additional 100,000 passports are currently being manufactured.

Significantly, the government’s measures coincide with the period when Kenyan citizens have been raising concerns about the immigration department’s ongoing delays in providing the essential document.

In 2023, the Cabinet Secretary of the Interior Ministry provided reassurance to the Kenyan public, stating that the government was addressing the problem of malfunctioning machines, and that delays would no longer be a concern.

Nevertheless, several months later, Kenyan citizens voiced their grievances once again, with applicants expressing dissatisfaction regarding the prolonged waiting periods for the document.


In reaction, in early February of this year, the government released a statement regarding the passport machines, indicating that they had been acquired.

Moreover, the statement, anticipated to deliver information about the significant achievements of the government, detailed the progress achieved during the president’s recent trip to Japan.

Isaac Mwaura emphasized that the government had successfully invested during the President’s state visit to Japan, which marked the first meeting by a Kenyan head of state in two decades.

He highlighted that Kenya successfully obtained Ksh45 billion for various investment initiatives, along with an additional Ksh15 billion designated for the Meru-wind project. This funding also covers other projects like the Isiolo Solar Energy plant, among others.

In addition to the investment initiatives, the government provided information about the anticipated production of 72 million bags of fertilizer by 2027, surpassing the 61 million bags generated in 2023.

2 New Passport Printing Machines to Arrive in 21 Days