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HomeNews2 Construction Workers Die After Crane Collapses on Them

2 Construction Workers Die After Crane Collapses on Them

2 Construction Workers Die After Crane Collapses on Them

On Monday, a tragic incident occurred in the Makutano area of Meru County, resulting in the loss of two lives during working hours when a crane collapsed on them.

Ezekiel Chepkwony, the Officer in Charge of Police Division (OCPD) in Imenti North, verified the occurrence to the media; however, it remains uncertain whether additional individuals were harmed.

The incident occurred at around noon.

Images viewed by Gossipa2z revealed that the individuals who passed away were engaged in construction work on a building with more than five stories.

The Kenya Red Cross, through an official announcement, mentioned that they dispatched a team to the location to assist those impacted.

“Crane collapse reported in Makutano, Meru County. Response teams are en route to the scene. Updates to follow,” Kenya Red Cross stated.


The recent incident, where a 42-year-old man lost his life in October 2023 due to a falling stone at a construction site in Eastleigh, has refocused awareness on safety at blue-collar worksites.

The second fatality within a few months occurred at a construction site in the region, prompting worries about the effectiveness of regulators tasked with ensuring that developers adhere to all safety standards.

In June of the previous year, a construction site in Eastleigh experienced the mysterious deaths of four workers.

As per the accounts of the locals, the final casualty lost their life by leaping from a multi-story structure.

A significant number of employees at the location hailed from Uganda and Congo, creating challenges for their families in pursuing legal recourse.

Individuals working at or visiting construction sites must wear safety attire, such as helmets, jackets, and boots, to safeguard themselves against potential risks like falling debris and other dangers.

2 Construction Workers Die After Crane Collapses on Them