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HomeNewsWhy Sankok Wants MPs and Governors Denied Bursaries

Why Sankok Wants MPs and Governors Denied Bursaries

Why Sankok Wants MPs and Governors Denied Bursaries

EALA Member of Parliament David Ole Sankok has suggested that the government at the national level ought to refuse Members of Parliament (MPs) and Governors the allocation of funds for distributing educational bursaries.

During an interview on Tuesday morning with K24, Sankok voiced his viewpoint, suggesting a need to revise the law so that only the Ministry of Education can distribute bursaries. He argued that having various channels for allocating these funds opens up opportunities for misappropriating public resources.

“We have presidential, CDF and County government bursaries. Why don’t we just put this money together and give it to the Ministry of Education,” the MP stated.

During his argument, he additionally mentioned that all the institutions empowered by the constitution to provide scholarships face challenges with administrative red tape. He pointed to this as another justification for the necessity of re-assessing the system.

Sankok highlighted that simplifying the procedure would boost effectiveness by eliminating intermediaries who exploit the bursary system for excessive profits.

“The presidential bursary should have a committee of around 200, the CDF Bursaries for each of 290 constituencies with 20 members equates to around 6,000 members, while wards total to 10,000 members, ” Sankok stated.


According to the MP’s computations, consolidating the more than 20,000 committees across the nation into a single committee would effectively close loopholes facilitating corruption.

Sankok put forward his proposal the day following the Ministry of Education’s Monday announcement of the 2023 KCSE results.

CS Machogu’s announcement revealed that more than 200,000 students who achieved a grade of C+ or higher will be enrolling in universities in Kenya.

Additional students are poised to enroll in Technical and Vocational Education Training institutions (TVET). This aligns with the government’s prior efforts to promote and strengthen Kenya’s craft industry.

The previous week, the government allocated Ksh31 billion in funding to schools. On Monday of this week, an additional Ksh12 billion was released by the government to aid in the reopening of schools.

Government funding is allocated to enhance classrooms and public schools, with a specific focus on accommodating Junior Secondary School students as part of the effort to support the implementation of the Competence Based Curriculum.

Why Sankok Wants MPs and Governors Denied Bursaries