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Why Kenya’s Oil Deal With Uganda Ended – Govt Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura Reveals

Why Kenya’s Oil Deal With Uganda Ended – Govt Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura Reveals

Isaac Mwaura, the Government Spokesperson, has expressed approval for the decision to prevent Uganda from utilizing the infrastructure of the Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) for transporting refined petroleum products from the Mombasa port to Uganda. He contends that such usage does not contribute to the benefit of the country.

In an interview with Citizen TV’s Nimrod Taabu on Thursday, Mwaura supported the government’s decision, emphasizing that it was made to benefit everyday Kenyan citizens.

As per the ex-Senator, significant resources were being allocated by the government to uphold the pipeline infrastructure and deliver fuel to the neighboring country, with minimal returns from the undertaking.

Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura in an interview on Thursday, January 11.

“ The pipeline is not utilized as it should, the deal is expensive but we are not getting profit as we should,” Mwaura said.

Mwaura additionally pointed out that, given the ongoing legal proceedings involving Uganda’s lawsuit against Kenya, the government would refrain from taking any action until the court issues its verdict.

He emphasized that while Kenya would maintain its involvement with Uganda, the administration led by President William Ruto would prioritize projects that bring economic benefits to the public, including the adoption of the new Government-to-Government (G2G) model.

“We have had talks with Uganda but since they went to court, we are waiting to see what happens,” he said.

“Regardless, this is something that benefits Kenyans; we have a right to benefit from the measures we have put to collect revenues on top of other needs.”


Mwaura also rejected claims of a rift between Kenya Kwanza and DR Congo, emphasizing that the supposed tension during Congo’s recent elections was unfounded.

He mentioned President Ruto’s recent act of congratulating President Felix Tshisekedi after his electoral triumph, stating that Kenya and Congo were in alignment not only in terms of trade but also in governance.

“We have very good relations with DRC and even our banks like Equity are in Congo…it is even the third largest bank in the country,” he stated.

“There is no disaccord with DR Congo, the claims emanated from elections but even the President was among the first to congratulate Tshiskedi.”

Uganda has taken its case to the East African Court of Justice (EACJ) after Kenya declined permission for Uganda to utilize KPC infrastructure for transporting refined petroleum products from the port of Mombasa to Uganda.

In the legal action, Uganda alleges that Kenya has deprived the Uganda National Oil Company (UNOC) of the opportunity to function as an Oil Marketing Company (OMC) within Kenya.

Uganda also seeks to have the licensing protocols imposed by EPRA on UNOC declared irrelevant, irrational, and illegal, further accusing Kenya of going against the treaty for the establishment of the EAC by restraining EPRA from issuing the OMC license to Uganda.

Why Kenya’s Oil Deal With Uganda Ended – Govt Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura Reveals