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Who Is MP Osoro? Is He Above The Law? – Governor Simba Arati Speaks On Ongoing Wrangles In Kisii

Who Is MP Osoro? Is He Above The Law? – Governor Simba Arati Speaks On Ongoing Wrangles In Kisii

Amid the intensified political conflicts observed in Kisii County, Governor Simba Arati is now raising concerns about why authorities have not yet investigated the alleged participation of South Mugirango MP in the disturbances.

Arati has identified Osoro, also serving as the National Assembly Majority Whip, as the primary catalyst for the violence observed in the county during several public gatherings organized by the governor.

On Tuesday, Arati contended that leaders involved in disruptive behavior are promptly apprehended by police authorities. However, despite Osoro’s evident rowdy behavior, he has not been summoned by anyone.

“If you look at this MP in Mumias called Salaysa when he slaps someone he is arrested immediately. Is Osoro above the law? Who is he? That is the question I would want to ask,” he said speaking on Citizen TV.

He pointed out that the National Government did not comment on the incident, and he believes this should have prompted President William Ruto to address the matter.

Arati thinks that the government is involved in the tumult, contending that it has deliberately exacerbated the disorder to undermine his leadership in Kisii.

“I do not blame Osoro I blame those working under the president who have said that I cannot work for five years,” he said.

“The truth of the matter is all police units have been emasculated because the MP has taken the role of the county commander and the National Government understands what is happening because there is DCI, NIS and the officers have been threatened and been transferred.”

He maintained that his collaboration with President Ruto remains intact. Nevertheless, he emphasized that their discussions are consistently influenced by individuals who are against him.


The leader of Kisii County suggested that the unrest originated from his decision to reject non-existent contracts for a handful of people involved in corruption. However, he refrained from identifying these individuals.

“I believe that Osoro is being used by a few people in government because there are people in the government up to the top who have issued imaginary tenders where people have been paid millions of shillings and they even wanted more payment. My fight began because of this corruption,” stated Arati.

“Any leader making noise in Kisii is one whom I have denied a tender or declined to pay them money for their imaginary projects.”

He asserts that due to the instances of violence observed in the three incidents, individuals have lost their lives, and many others have suffered injuries.

“Police officers are responsible for some deaths. A young man is seen at Simba’s event and they say, let them die so that we instill fear in them,” said the Governor.

Osoro, on the other hand, has denied the allegations and pledged to take the issue to court to pursue a lawsuit for the damages claimed against him.

In a conversation with PoliticalPulseChat, Osoro mentioned that he plans to wait for the results of the ongoing investigations conducted by the appropriate law enforcement agencies before taking any action.

“The incidents that have occurred have nothing to do with me. If there is anyone to blame it is Arati himself. I will report him for slander,” he said on Tuesday.

Who Is MP Osoro? Is He Above The Law? – Governor Simba Arati Speaks On Ongoing Wrangles In Kisii