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Watch: Jowie Irungu & His Sister’s Reaction After Being Found Guilty of Killing Monica Kimani(Videos)

Watch: Jowie Irungu Reaction After Being Found Guilty of Killing Monica Kimani

Jowie, also known as Joseph Irungu, experienced a breakdown when Lady Justice Grace Nzioka pronounced her verdict in the Monica Kimani murder trial, declaring the gospel artist guilty.

Jowie sat beside Jacque Maribe in the chambers, donning a blue Afrocentric shirt and a black mask, while bowing his head, as Maribe wore a yellow and white suit.

As Nzioka delivered an extensive judgment, the pair patiently followed along, waiting together until the judge reached the ultimate decision.

“It is the finding of this court that all this evidence taken cumulatively leads to a strong conclusion that the first accused person murdered the deceased,” ruled Nzioka.

“Therefore, it is the finding of this court that the prosecution has proved beyond a reasonable doubt all the ingredients of the offense of murder, the death that occurred, the cause of death, and the person who committed that offense. It was not a case of homicide, It was unlawful. Therefore I find the first accused person guilty as charged herein of the offense of murder.”

Jowie, upon hearing the ruling as the first accused person, could not help but wipe a tear that had slipped from his left eye.


On the flip side, Jacque Maribe, the second defendant, breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing the verdict.

Upon hearing the verdict of not guilty, Maribe lifted her head, gazing at the courtroom ceiling, and briefly shut her eyes.

According to the verdict, Jowie will continue to be held in custody until March 8 for his sentencing, whereas Maribe left the courtroom without any legal constraints.

In response to the verdict, Dennis Itumbi expressed approval of the court’s decision, emphasizing that it had validated his position in favor of supporting Maribe.

“Let the record reflect that you have always been innocent. The system failed you and the rogue people who added you in this case just for headlines and creation of a circus should answer and you must not let them walk out of the mess without questions. I have no regrets that I stood by you,” Itumbi stated.

Following the court decision, Itumbi and Maribe embraced before speaking to the media outdoors.

Jowie Sister’s Reaction:

Watch: Jowie Irungu Reaction After Being Found Guilty of Killing Monica Kimani