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HomePOLITICSWacha Maandamano- Okoth Obado Mocks Raila Ahead of African Union Bid

Wacha Maandamano- Okoth Obado Mocks Raila Ahead of African Union Bid

Wacha Maandamano- Okoth Obado Mocks Raila Ahead of African Union Bid

Ex-Governor Okoth Obado of Migori has joined the ranks of leaders urging Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio la Umoja, to run for the position of Chairman of the African Union Commission.

However, the ex-governor outlined certain terms for the former prime minister to agree with the decision regarding the appointment of the next AU chairman.

As per Mr. Obado, the opposition leader is recognized for consistently expressing grievances about being unfairly excluded from electoral processes.

This is derived from a previous survey where Mr. Odinga asserted that he emerged victorious in the election but was deprived of his triumph.

Mr. Odinga and his supporters have openly expressed the view that if previous elections had been conducted in a free and fair manner, the opposition leader should have had the opportunity to serve as the head of state.

They claim that Mr. Odinga has consistently emerged victorious in the presidential race, but the electoral commission announced a different individual as the winner.

In previous occurrences, the ex-prime minister had employed tactics to undermine the government, including urging his followers to participate in protests.

Mr. Obado emphasized that the competition for the AU position is distinct, and he urged Mr. Odinga to embrace whatever result is ultimately determined.

“Let him not call for maandamano (protest) in Addis Ababa if the outcome of the election of AU chairman does not favor him,” the former governor said.

However, Mr. Obado emphasized his full endorsement of the opposition leader’s decision to pursue the continental position.

He expressed gratitude to President William Ruto for endorsing the opposition leader to run for the position.


“We wish him well, hoping that he won’t protest if he loses, although his winning chances are very high,” Mr Obado said.

He addressed UDA members at his residence in Rapogi, located in Migori County. The meeting focused on strategies to fortify the ruling party in preparation for the upcoming grassroots elections scheduled for April this year.

He stood alongside ex-MP Jared Kopiyo, the UDA coordinator for the county, and former Migori MP John Pesa. Pesa expressed their intention to engage with the residents of Nyanza, urging their support for President William Ruto’s rejection bid.

As per the UDA members, the likelihood of the Head of State winning increases if Mr. Odinga participates in the AU.

“With ODM leaders now tipped for a continental job in the African Union Commission secretariat, the Luo community should shift their allegiance to President Ruto,” the former governor said.

Mr. Obado asserts that it is apparent that Mr. Odinga might not contest the upcoming presidential election due to his pursuit of a continental position.

“We are calling on all Kenyans to turn to President Ruto. You will be safe in his hands,” he said.

Mr. Obado seized the chance to encourage young individuals with recently acquired identification cards, and who have not yet affiliated with any political party, to opt for UDA as their political party of choice.

Mr. Obado stated that Kenyans had the freedom to align themselves with any political party of their choosing, emphasizing that this right was protected by the constitutional principles of democracy.

UDA is actively involved in the extensive enlistment of voters in the Nyanza region to challenge and weaken ODM’s influence in its stronghold.

Wacha Maandamano- Okoth Obado Mocks Raila Ahead of African Union Bid