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Vioja Mahakamani Actor Recalls Father Selling Him & Siblings to Indians for 2 Years

Vioja Mahakamani Actor Recalls Father Selling Him & Siblings to Indians for 2 Years

David Aliwa, well-known for his role as a prosecutor on the Kenyan TV show Vioja Mahakamani, is a compelling illustration of a journey from adversity to success. This was particularly highlighted when he shared details about the challenging experiences of his early years, revealing their lasting impact on his life as an adult.

During a conversation with the media company hosting Vioja Mahakamani, the celebrity revealed that the difficulties in his relationship with his deceased father stemmed from emotional scars formed during his youth.

Currently serving as a mentor and advisor for young men, Aliwa reflects on the time when he and his siblings were placed in an Indian household by his father, who had sold them for financial support for the family.

At the young age of seven, the current television personality was handed over to unfamiliar individuals by his father, who was employed as an immigration officer in Kisumu County. He spent two years under the care of this newfound ‘family.’

As per Aliwa, their mother, who remained unaware of the events during that period, spent nearly two years actively searching for them until she eventually located them at the residence of their owner.

“These Indians used to take African children from people who are unable to be with them, and try to school you as you work for them,” Aliwa narrated.

After his mother’s demise when he was 14, Aliwa found himself compelled to provide for both his sustenance and that of his siblings.


Aliwa, by vending mandazi and ice cream in Kayole and benefiting from the support of generous individuals, managed to guide his family through challenging times. He has become an inspirational figure for young men in the process.

“While growing I saw what women were going through, unfortunately at the hands of my father, which made me want to understand what makes men get a family and not fend for them,” he noted.

Aliwa’s acting troupe members have praised him for his leadership, particularly in guiding and mentoring young men. They describe him as a role model and mentor for numerous youths who admire and seek guidance from him.

“I have learned that to as a man one needs to be smart and hardworking, with self-drive to reach your goals in life,” Fred Moya, one of Aliwa’s mentees stated.

Describing a comparable distant connection with his father, a fellow member of the drama club mentioned that it required a significant amount of time for his father to come to terms with and support his life decisions, particularly about his chosen career in acting.

“My father had to accept the situation and release me. At least now I can afford to pay my rent, buy food, and support my family in one way or another,” Teddy Mutsi stated.

Vioja Mahakamani Actor Recalls Father Selling Him & Siblings to Indians for 2 Years